Watch: MSNBC Tries To Explain How Shotguns Work And It’s Dumb AF

Published on June 30, 2018

If you thought Congress understanding the internet was pathetic, wait until you see the Media(D)’s explanation of a shotgun.

These are the same people who whipped up public outrage against the ‘evil’ AR-15. Not that they have an agenda or anything, right?

Is anyone really surprised? We remember the reporter that claimed he had ‘temporary PTSD‘ after firing off some rounds on an AR-15.

According to Williams, describing the gun used by the shooter in the Capital Gazette newsroom on Thursday, insisted that shotguns operate like a “backwards funnel.”

“A shotgun, uh, uh, you know, if you’re not familiar with a shotgun, it sets out a spray of pellets and because a bullet simply goes in a straight line and shotgun is sort of like a backwards funnel, it spreads it out so that you don’t have to aim very precisely,” Williams claimed on MSNBC on Friday. “It can do a lot of damage to the people that you aim it at, but you don’t fire a lot of rounds with a shotgun, so I think that has something to do with it.”
Source: DailyCaller

In case you’re wondering why they’re suddenly interested in shotguns, it’s because the dirtbag who went on a rampage in the newsroom a couple of days ago didn’t follow the media narrative. He didn’t go in there with an AR-15. He used a shotgun.

So the media did the inevitable. They start painting shotguns as menaces to society, too.

We could say that the menace to society was the nihilistic view so many people seem to be embracing toward human life. That humanity is meaningless and disposable.

But no, we’re talking about shotguns. And how dangerous they are.

Have authorities even stated which kind of ammunition he had loaded this shotgun with? There’s a big difference between what buckshot and a slug will do when fired.

This guy is obviously assuming that buckshot or birdshot was used, but we don’t actually know that to be true, do we?

Twitter had some fun with this one. Here’s a sampling:


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What is driving them so berzerk?

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