Oldest Living U.S. Veteran Gets Robbed Of His Savings – Patriots Come To His Rescue!

Written by Doug Giles on June 30, 2018

Moments like this show just how big American’s hearts can be when someone truly needs help.

Getting robbed blind is brutal at the best of times, how much worse when it’s something like this. Identity thieves nabbed the Social Security number — and savings — of America’s oldest living WWII veteran.

But Americans, having learned about it, stepped up. “Bigly.”

According to the family of Richard Overton, 112, a World War II veteran who lives in Austin, Texas, an unknown thief set up a fake bank account with Overton’s Social Security number and accessed his personal checking account, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Volna Overton, his third cousin, said the identity thief has for months been using Overton’s money to buy savings bonds.

“This is going to be a setback for Richard,” she said. “It was a significant amount of money.”

Overton’s bank account, however, is separate from a GoFundMe account that has been financing his in-home care since December 2016. The page has raised nearly $340,000.

Volma said a friend of Overton’s filed a police report Friday.
Source: FoxNews

The Left is convinced that Americans need to be MADE to care about people and issues.

The fact that free citizens have voluntarily put over $300k into making sure he can get the quality home care a man such as himself deserves proves them wrong.

Free citizens have given him more help than any government agency would possibly have given him.

And that’s our point, exactly.

The man smokes 12 cigars a day, and he has a little whiskey and soda from time to time.

Does anyone DARE to tell him he shouldn’t?

Let the other guys complain about America. It’s their right, purchased by men like Overton himself.

The rest of us will look around and recognize that this man, and everyone who came to his aid in the Gofundme account (which lets him have 24/7 care at home instead of in a hospital), represent what makes America truly great, even if one or more scoundrels would rob him blind.

If you feel so inclined, we’ve included the link to his Gofundme page.

As for the slobs who robbed him, let’s hope their conscience eats them alive until the moment they get busted for their crimes and have the book thrown at them.