Watch: Rachel Maddow Weeps For The Border Children Kept In Cages

Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2018

Maddow breaks down on camera and can’t even finish reading the Associated Press lede.

Just like everyone else, Maddow is latching onto the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of migrant children housed in ‘concentration camps’ that has plagued us since the Inspector General’s report, er, since President Obama’s Catch and Release — I mean — since President Trump pushed a  ‘zero tolerance’ policy on border crossing. You know, enforcing the law.

All the bleeding hearts are up in arms that children are being ripped from their alleged-parents’ arms.

What’s the better option — putting the children in with adults?

Not enforcing the laws on the books?

Let illegal immigrants free and allow them to enter the United States illegally?

Handing over children to human smugglers? That’s happening more and more.

Rachel Maddow was brought to tears at the thought of the young children being separated from their parents.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow broke down in tears on-air while reporting breaking news that the Trump administration has been operating ‘tender age’ shelters for immigrant babies and toddlers forcibly separated from their parents.

Maddow teared up on Tuesday night near the end of her program as she read a report from the Associated Press that revealed young children were being held in three facilities in Texas.

Our compassion for children and keeping families together has made using children a ‘free ticket’ across the border and put them at risk. There was a huge influx of children making the treacherous trek across the border after Obama implemented ‘Catch and Release’. Sometimes people were handed children that were not their own to legitimize their asylum claim.

This leaves innocent children at the mercy of human smugglers, violent gangs that cross the border, like MS-13, and human traffickers.

But, let’s just swing the border wide open, right Rachel?

That’ll solve one problem but create a whole host of others.

To be sure, the new policy of enforcing the law has caused problems, but in the grand scheme of things, is it better to separate families briefly or leave kids at risk?

On a practical level, the zero tolerance policy has overwhelmed the federal agency charged with caring for the new influx of children who tend to be much younger than teens who typically have been traveling to the U.S. alone. Indeed some recent detainees are infants, taken from their mothers.

Doctors and lawyers who have visited the shelters said the facilities were fine, clean and safe, but the kids – who have no idea where their parents are – were hysterical, crying and acting out.

Source: Daily Mail

But, Maddow wept.

This isn’t a new thing for Maddow.

She cried when the FBI reopened the case against Hillary after Weiner’s laptop had classified info on it.

She cried on Election night.

And now she’s crying about ‘tender age’ shelters.

Yeah, some of us aren’t buying it.

Either she’s completely unprofessional, or…

You know what would completely stop the ‘tearing apart of families’ at the border?

Not crossing the border illegally.

Cry me a river, Rachel.

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