Texan Erects Billboard Telling Libs To Keep Driving Until They Leave The State

Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2018

In Texas, people are big-hearted, honest, and… will let you know EXACTLY what they’re thinking.

This sign is no exception. It invites Liberals to continue their lovely drive through Texas… all the way to the other side of it.

In other words, “Hi. Welcome. When are you leaving?”

Billboard 6 miles east of Vega on I-40 east bound! I like it!

Posted by Kyle Mccallie on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

“A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by Kyle Mccallie, of Fritch. He wrote the billboard was six miles east of Vega, a city roughly 35 miles west of Amarillo, on the eastbound side of the highway.” — FoxNews

Their ideology, waste and taxes have ruined California. Now they’re fleeing to Red States that are better to live in, but won’t change their voting patterns. Is there any wonder they want Liberals to keep right on driving?

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Don’t you wish every state in the Union was as sensible as Texas?

So do we. Let’s Make America Texas Again.

Texas was born with a gun in its hand, staring down a would-be tyrant. How could it NOT be badass?

The Alamo.

It is one of the great historical examples of American fighting spirit, where fighting men like Davy Crockett and James Bowie proved their commitment to the principle of ‘live free or die’.

Texans went on to earn their freedom, beating back the Mexican army. They proved they had the chops when even the US wasn’t convinced they had a future. They stood alone as a Republic for nine years.

And THEN — only then — were they added to the United States.

They may not have been founded in 1776, but they sure as HELL embody the spirit that drove it.

Most of us would say they embody that Spirit a lot more than those States that were part of the Revolution, and if you think we might mean YOUR state? You’re probably right.

So let’s Make America Texas Again.

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