Watch These 5 Leftists Lose Their D@mn Minds Over Justice Kennedy Quitting

Written by Doug Giles on June 28, 2018

Net Neutrality was ‘the end of the world’, the tax cut was ‘Armageddon’ and this retirement is somehow WORSE than either of those?

You guys had better slow down a little, you are running out of doomsday scenarios to compare Trump’s policies to.

It’s a good thing that leftists are so rational and well-balanced — and that they never use ridiculous exaggeration to whip apolitical know-nothings into a rabid frenzy on demand.

Because that would be a bad thing.

Oh, wait: that’s already happening. And even Pelosi is telling “Mad” Maxine Waters to tone it down.

What are they being excitable about this time?

A judge is retiring, which is normal enough, you’d think.

But that’s bad. Really bad, you see.

Because TRUMP is the President now. And HE will get to choose who goes in there. He’s not going to pick a ‘wise latina’ on purely subjective grounds. He might actually pick a judge who believes the Constitution is NOT supposed to bend to fit someone’s activist demands!

Can you imagine?

Here are a few ‘level-headed’ people on the left reacting to the news of Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court at the age of 81 (Language warning, naturally):

Is this an attempt at humor?

Apparently, the same people who scream in outrage over suggestions to shift the retirement age from 65 to say 67 are angry that he DARED to retire at age 81, suggesting it was somehow political and malevolent.

For some people, life is a one-dimensional game of politics. That’s a helluva miserable way to live.

Speaking of miserable:

Does he really believe any of that crap he’s spewing? Or does he desperately need to sit down with a qualified professional and work out some ‘issues’?

And ‘Comedy Central’ expressed their ‘non-partisan’ feelings this way:

One of their writers went further still:

But it’s Trump supporters are horrible people debasing the country and our Republic, right?

Do they realize they just wished an 81-year-old man DEAD because they disagreed with his decision to retire during the tenure or the ‘wrong’ President? Was he supposed to keep working for another two or 6 years to satisfy their politics?

It’s time to Drain The Swamp! Which happens to be the title of this newly-released fine piece of art:

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