Trump & Putin Powwow Slated For July 2018 – Snowflakes Are Angry

Written by Doug Giles on June 28, 2018

The same people who dismissed Obama’s ‘more flexibility’ hot mic moment will be sure to start bleating ‘collusion’ over this.

Trump will be having his first formal meeting with Putin, roughly a year and a half into his presidency.

Since then he’s had meetings with any number of national leaders from around the globe — including an unforseen visit with the leader of the ‘hermit kingdom’ — and now he’s finally getting around to meeting with the top guy from a member of what was once know as the G-8.

Obama’s Russian reset and leading from behind didn’t do a lot of good for curbing Russian ambitions, did it? They’ve got a presence in the Middle East that they never had before Obama. The missile defense in Europe was nixed because Putin didn’t like it. To say nothing about Crimea.

Did Obama take Russia as a serious threat?

Let’s see, he mocked Romney for calling them our largest geopolitical threat “the 1980’s called, they want their foreign policy back”… and Obama was willing to bend over more for Putin than a Russian gymnast. (The hot mic caught him promising he’d have ‘greater flexibility’ once the election was over, the Russian Reset button, and his response to both Iran and the Ukraine tell that story.)

And they’re worried TRUMP might be Putin’s patsy? Of course they are. When facts are not on their side, all they have left is innuendo and allegations. Exhibit A:

That tweet was in response to the President:

We did notice Schumer doesn’t address any of the President’s questions, either. He just went straight to the accusation. Then Schumer continued on about how trustworthy the DOJ officials are. (Maybe Schumer didn’t read the IG report?)

Trump has already taken some hard stances on Russia — including throwing out some of their ambassadors, hitting Syria after the gas attack, and ripping up the Iran deal.

But real leadership doesn’t come from behind. The only way to find a way forward with Russia is to get together and to have ‘frank and honest’ conversation with his Russian counterpart to see if there is any peaceful way forward to normalizing relations without compromising our values.

You don’t know the answer to that question without opening a dialogue.

Could talking to Putin be a dead end?

Sure it could. But then again, it might not. Nobody expected to see the leaders of North and South Korea sharing a handshake, either, did they?

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