WTF: Church Makes Kids to Sing Islamic Songs – Reprimanded If They Refused

Written by Doug Giles on June 21, 2018

Remember, kiddies, this is all in the name of ‘tolerance’.

If you don’t want your Catholic kid singing the name of Allah, then you’re just a hateful bigot.

If your child refuses, they’re going to be punished.

All this is in the name of ‘tolerance’ of course.

A Catholic elementary school in Linz, Austria is forcing students to learn Islamic songs as they study the festival of Ramadan.

“We were on our way home when he suddenly started to sing ‘Allah, Allah’,” a shocked mother of one of the students says. He learned that at school and had to sing it. “It felt like a slap in my face!” she adds.

“Mom, we have to get involved. The teacher said: “If we do not do that, we’ll have to go to the director and then there’ll be a punishment,” the son reported in fear of his mother’s reprisals. For two months he had to rehearse the songs.

As the mother points out, she has no problem whatsoever with other students living out their religions. “I was only shocked that all the children had to join in,” she says, emotionally.

The mother said that she is fine with people practicing their own faith, including Islam, but she took issue with mandatory participation.

The Islamic religious teacher came to the children in the class and ordered the students to learn the appropriate Ramadan songs, because the whole class must celebrate this festival.

Source: Voice of Europe

One website, Bare Naked Islam, suggests that the students aren’t learning songs at all, they’re learning prayers because Islam forbids music and dancing.

So, these children might be forced by their Catholic school to pray to Allah during Ramadan.

These are elementary school kids.

Wow, that’s kind of pushy, don’t you think?

Austria is facing a crisis as cultures are clashing.

There has been an influx of Islamic students into schools, many of whom believe that Shariah Law is superior to Western law.

Watch an Austrian teacher explain the difficulties that schools there are facing:

Well, Europe — it was nice while it lasted.

We’re really going to miss you.

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