Yo, Feminists: Are You Girls Gonna Standby And Allow Ivanka To Be Called A ‘C**t?’

Written by K. Walker on June 1, 2018

If there were a (D) after her name, they’d be naming their kids after her. But she’s got that scarlet (R) after her name, so she must be denounced.

The Feminist movement — in its current expression — is a colossal bait-and-switch game.

What they ACTUALLY care about, and what they CLAIM to care about are two very different things.

They claim to care about the fair treatment of women and girls around the world.

In reality, they’re just a front group for organizing yet another identity group (this time, women) to rally around the Progressive cause, and to whip up emotion and protest against the enemy with the dreaded (R) after their name.

Big claim.

Can we back it up with multiple examples? Of course we can!

They’re not even trying to hide it. They’re so confident the narrative is cemented into the culture that nobody will question it anymore.

(And you can ask Kanye about assumptions the left makes about the loyalty of identity groups, and what happens when you ‘defect’ from their team.)

The most recent example, in the current news cycle, is the outrageous statement made against Ivanka.

Not just the vulgar word she was called… but the implications of incest that went alog with it. Not as an off-the-cuff statement, but written, rehearsed, and approved as part of the script in Sandra Bee’s show.

If you missed it, or (more likely) are wondering who the hell ‘Samantha Bee’ is, this will get you up to speed: Should Samantha Bee Be Fired For Calling Ivanka A ‘Feckless C**t?’

Brianna Heldt made some keen observations about what’s really going on here:

On the surface, Ivanka’s a woman every feminist should love. She’s beautiful, carries herself with confidence, and is both a shrewd and effective businesswoman. Ivanka has her own jewelry and clothing lines, is a former model, and holds a degree in economics. And as if all of that weren’t enough, she’s married with three children.

Basically the epitome of what’s possible for women, right?

Well, apparently not if you’re a liberal feminist.
Does the expectation of basic human decency only extend to a certain class or demographic of people?

In a word, yes. It does.

So goes on to articulate a claim similar to the one we are saying about (R) being the ‘scarlet letter’ of today.

Do we have any OTHER examples? Absolutely.

Linda Sarsour was one of the founders of the pussy-hat march. She’s a top-tier insider among the intersectional movememnt.

She tweeted that she wished she could take Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s vaginas away because they don’t ‘deserve’ to be women.

For the record it is ironic that the very same religion Linda (“I was an ordinary white girl until I put on a Hijab“) Sarsour converted to was the one that forcibly removed part of her reproductive organs. If attacking the victim is the cardinal sin of the Left… what do you call a white woman (Sarsour) mocking the pain of an actual victim of FGM?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘FGM was done to me at the age of five. Ten years later, even 20… I would not have testified against my parents’

For the record, she’s perfectly fine with racism, too. Ask her about that time she and Farrakhan were at the same event. (Although to hear Sonnie Johnson tell it… Sarsour makes Farrakhan’s crazy seem tame by comparison.)

We could go on and on and on …

But let’s do just one more.

Ann Coulter. Whatever you think of her politics, she’s more or less what the supposed feminist idea is. She’s educated, she’s tough, she’s successful, attractive, and she can hold her own even in a loud and hostile panel where she’s the lone token right-winger.

Strong. Intelligent. Educated. Independant. Successful. Devastating in debate.

If there were a (D) after her name, you just know they’d be putting her name forward as the ‘next big thing’ in politics.

But with that (R)? You’ve guessed it.

Should we really be surprised by today’s reaction to anti-conservative slurs?
Frankly, Ann’s been called the same name for years.
Some fans of the famous folk, like this woman, Ali, lauded Pete Davidson for calling Ann Coulter a c-nt at the Rob Lowe Roast.
When Ann pointed out an article about JFK taking the virginity of a 19-year old intern (now that we’re in a #MeToo movement and all,) a comedy club owner, Jennie Stencel said that Ann is, ‘a disgusting c-nt’.

Feminism isn’t designed to protect women at all.

It’s designed to protect political POWER and those who HOLD it.

Why else do you suppose a group of women who didn’t walk lockstep with Leftist ideology was excluded from that Pussy-hat march?

More pro-life groups removed as official partners of the Women’s March

They support all women.

So long as they are more committed to a Leftist agena than they are to more generic women’s rights.

Otherwise, getting them to stand as one voice against Female Genital Mutialtion would be a no-brainer.

But no. They’ve got more important issues to attend to. Like yelling swear words at Donald Trump.

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