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100+ Sick From Parasite Linked To McDonald’s Salads

“Ba da ba bah-ba” … now with parasites! Are you still McLoving it after this?

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

We’ll see how well that axiom stacks up to ‘explosive bowel movements’.

They might want to ask the Chipotle that had the rats (mice?) fall from the ceiling if the theory really is true.

Either way, McDonald’s is about to test that theory.

They spend a crap-ton of money on publicity. But will that be able to counteract this?

More than 100 people are sick from their salads. It’s pretty bad.

The Illinois and Iowa health departments are investigating outbreaks of a parasite that causes intestinal illness and might be linked to McDonald’s salads, both states said Thursday.

Illinois is reporting 90 cases since mid-May. Iowa is reporting 15 cases since late June.
The cyclospora parasite causes intestinal illness as a result of consuming contaminated food or water. Symptoms can begin a week or more after consuming the parasite. They include diarrhea and frequent, sometimes explosive bowel movements, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those who are infected might also experience loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps or pain, nausea, gas and fatigue. Vomiting, headache, fever, body aches and flu-like symptoms can also occur.
Source: CNN

So, will YOU be ordering from the Golden Arches any time soon?

Wes Walker

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