Backlash: Public Outraged Over Art Gallery’s Violent Anti-Trump Window Display

Written by Wes Walker on July 18, 2018

Leftist city or not, the gallery even managed to anger their LANDLORD. Maybe the knife to Trump’s throat was a bad idea?

If they wanted publicity, they sure got it. But we’re not sure this is the kind of publicity they really wanted.

Portland is a notable leftist city.

They’re a so-called sanctuary city — which led to a 20-times deported criminal with a rap sheet as long as your arm raping one woman and kidnapping another shortly after being released.

They’ve had some of the more notable ISIS marches/riots since Trump’s inauguration, whose peaceful tactics including hurling bricks from the roofs of buildings. We are fortunate that it didn’t actually kill anyone.

So maybe the Art Gallery thought it would be celebrated as a heroic member of ‘the Resistance’ by their neighbors by putting up the kind of image that would make any ISIS propagandist beam with pride.

When asked his reason for taking it down, he said ‘Laura Loomer’ had made his image go viral. If you were wondering why people on the left hate/fear the New Media so much, there’s a clue right there. She’s a Right-leaning blogger who wrote for The Rebel at one point.

Notice how the nutless wonder was bold enough to put that in his window, but he did NOT want his face or name released.

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