Watch: Joy Behar Tries To Race-Bait 50 Cent — And Fails Miserably

Written by Wes Walker on July 18, 2018

Hey Joy — didn’t anyone warn you about judging a book by its cover?

“So,” [looks down and starts reading from cue card] “white people calling the police on black people. It’s an epidemic these days.”

And she reads off a list of ‘while black’ complaints where police were called.

It’s intended as a ‘gotcha’ question. Or, more accurately, she’s trying to ‘virtue-signal’ how sympathetic she is to the discrimination against blacks by assuming the black guest has an axe to grind against the police.

Is it time we bring back the word ‘blacksploitation’? Becuase it wasn’t just 1970’s Hollywood that used black people as a means to an end. Now white Hollywood types use it to show just how ‘hep’ and ‘with it’ and definitely not-racist they are.

She finishes her list of cherry-picked examples and says…

‘Your thoughts?’

It was a softball question that anyone who DID have an ax to grind could have knocked out of the park.

One problem. He had no ax to grind.

“That is a specific group. These are specific people’s actions. It wouldn’t matter what color the person is, that person is calling the cops for anything.”

“You think,” she asked, the wind suddenly knocked out of her sails.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Well, there seems to be more of it lately,” (which, given her politics, was probably a swipe at Trump).

Not missing a beat, 50 Cent gave the obvious answer: “Well, it’s being caught because of the cameras.”

Cue the sad trombone.

Better luck next time, Joy.

Watch from the 3:23 mark:

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