Big Changes From Industry To Jihadist Cells Beg The Question: What Happened to America?

Written by Larry Usoff on July 9, 2018

Why can’t we make that in the USA? It might cost a bit more, but isn’t it worth it to keep Americans working, and so they can proudly affix the label: “Made in The USA”. The America in which I grew up, and that included World War 2 (The War) produced just about everything we needed, and produced more of it so we could sell it to the rest of the world! Do we not have that same sort of “spirit” in America anymore? Can we not make things in America anymore? Everything I pick up I check the label and find that it’s not made in the USA. If I want underwear it’s made overseas. If I want many different kinds of foods, they’re grown or “farmed” overseas. Even an automobile with an American name is wholly or partially made outside the country. What happened to America?

When this country was being formed, after beating the British, we made it known that we’d be tolerant, hence the First Amendment. By the same token, we also knew that a government could go rogue, and that gave us the Second Amendment. Not by chance are those two at the top of the list. What do we have now? On certain college campuses you may only speak in certain zones, and you might also need a permit! There are people now that are so hate-filled that if you utter one word that they don’t like you might be subject to a beating or worse. Guns, in the hands of private citizens? Oh no, the anti-gunners would take those away and only leave “government” with weapons. When the government controls your life, womb-to-tomb, folks, that’s not a republic, that’s a dictatorship. What happened to America?

During the last years of the 19th Century and the early years of the 20th Century, the United States welcomed millions of immigrants to our shores. They came for a better life, to work, to prosper, to raise families, to assimilate and become citizens. We are fighting a battle now, and it’s both an internal and external fight. Internally we have people in government that want to do away with borders altogether and let people flood in willy-nilly. On the external side we have those people who want to come here through open borders so that they can invade or repopulate the United States and morph it into something that we don’t want or wouldn’t recognize. Unless you are a direct descendant of an American Indian, you come from an immigrant family a couple of generations back. While you don’t hide that family background, you are 100% American, right? Why then, are we even seeing the population choosing sides or choosing this or that group to join, when their purpose is to overthrow the government?

When The War ended, we didn’t move into the defeated nations and take them as prizes. We helped build them back up to the point where both Japan and Germany are economic powerhouses (even though I strongly disagree with the Muslim influx into Germany), and they rival the United States in their goods and services. To the best of my knowledge, no other country does that to their defeated nations. We buy automobiles from Japan and Germany and, in my not-so-humble opinion, their cars are better than ours right now, and that’s an item that doesn’t sit well with me.

Our school system, from kindergarten through college, stinks! We have people at the front of the class, and I’m not calling them “teachers”, who are openly indoctrinating their classes. Anything that hints at being a part of the Judeo-Christian philosophy is banned, but telling all about the five pillars of Islam is almost a requirement! In some schools a “reading” is required and, guess what…that reading turns out to be your acceptance of Islam! Field trips to mosques, complete with the required prayers, are done, while trips to Synagogues or Churches are not. It is noted that school systems get massive gifts of textbooks donated to them, so they don’t have to buy them. Checking into it one finds that the books are heavily into Islam and little or no mention of Christianity or Judaism. The books were donated, as it turns out, by an organization that has almost-hidden ties to Islam.

Speaking of ties to Islam, we have several organizations in this country that have direct ties to terrorist groups overseas. CAIR, which is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, comes to mind immediately. In several instances they have been shown to be a front for terrorist organizations but have never been declared as such themselves. Our government knows this but does nothing. Our government has admitted that there are jihadist cells in all 50 states, but doesn’t shut them down. We are made aware of terrorist training camps in many of our states…but we never raid them and put them out of business. I wonder why?

Parting shot: We finally have a President who says what he’s going to do and then does it. What a novel thing for a politician to do…oh wait, he isn’t a politician and that’s probably why he does what he says he’ll do. We have not mentioned the members of our armed forces that may be in a prison now, or in the future for just doing their job. What has happened to America?


Larry Usoff
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