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Watch: Mouthy Punk Gets Tossed Off Boat

Admit it. We’ve ALL wanted to do something like this when some hotshot jackwagon starts running his mouth.

You know that frustration that builds when you try to go out somewhere nice — maybe a dinner, maybe a trip — and some punk decides that he’s bored, so nobody else should enjoy themselves either?

The other people on the boat gave him plenty of chances to dial it back. But he was having a full-on temper-tantrum. What the kid really needed was a slap.

He never got one, but what he did get was even better.

It wasn’t good enough to go to the Bahamas and look down the bottom of the glass-bottom boat. He demanded the right to FISH there too.

I paid to go on the boat, I should be able to fish if I want, he ‘reasoned’.

(Oh really? Is that how he thinks life really works?)

Next, he bitched about the reggae music and demanded it be turned off. He would rather listen to some rap, he said.

He was offered water. He was told to sit down.

He was told that the captain was in charge, and the authority on the boat.

He made the mistake of mocking the captain and his ’20 foot boat’.

A BIG mistake.

There’s a reason nobody yelled ‘man overboard’. He’s got a long way to go before anyone calls him a man.

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