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Dear GOP NeverTrumpers: Isn’t it GREAT Hillary Didn’t Pick A 2nd Supreme Court Nominee?

Hey neverTrumpers… why be cynical? There’s so much in life to be grateful for. Like the fact that Hillary didn’t pick two Chief Justices.

As promised, Trump drew his SCOTUS pick from the short list of Constitutionalist judges that have been public knowledge for a long time.

Can you imagine the decision if Hillary had been in charge when it came time to make this pick?

Who do you think we’d have gotten in these two seats?

Justice Gorsuch, who is already making a difference for the originalist understanding of the law?

And an established judge with over 300 written decisions, and who has often had those decisions cited by other judges?

Or would we have gotten a couple of intersectional rodeo clowns with backgrounds in law, community organizing, and feminist interpretive dance?

If you thought the ‘notorious RBG’ was insufferable, and you groaned when you heard this from the last administration:

Just be thankful that Hillary ‘Bleachbit’ Clinton isn’t stocking the highest court in the land.


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