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Dear Liberals: 7 ‘Dreamers’ Storm Texas Jewelry Store – Do They Have A ‘Spark Of Divinity?’

It’s normal for an armed burglary case to involve a foreign consulate, right? Right?

All seven of the men who tried to rob a jewelry store were found to be ‘foreign nationals’.

‘Foreign national’ is a phrase which here means ‘entered illegally from Mexico’.

Here is the initial news report:

Here is a report telling us a little about the accused, including the involvement of the Mexican consulate, and the fact that five of the seven accused faces further charges after giving them a false name.

We’re often reminded that it’s racist to hold any negative beliefs about the inclination of anyone who disregards our national borders to be anything less than the purest souls descended straight from Heaven itself, people whose moral life is so lauditory,  the rest of us could not possibly hope to hold a candle to it.

How this terrible mix-up of these seven angels being charged with a crime could possibly have happened, we can leave only to speculation. If we were to ask Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi, we’re sure that ICE will be blamed for this travesty of justice.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the rest of us realize that someone who doesn’t even care about our legal borders, can’t be assumed to care about any of our other laws, either.

Maybe there’s a damn good reason that Conservatives are careful to put ‘illegal aliens’ in a different category from lawful immigrants.

It’s a reason that — until a few years ago, even the Democrats understood that.

What changed?

You’d have to ask them.

We have our own ideas about what those ideas might be.

Something about having a higher loyalty to their party and job security than to the country and national security.

Why do you think they changed?

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