Watch: Mom Teaches Her Young Kids To Shoot – Cue Liberal Rage In 3, 2 and 1!

Written by K. Walker on July 31, 2018

David Hogg would have a meltdown over this mom’s support for the Second Amendment.

And he’s not the only one that would suffer from a fainting spell.

The pink hat-wearing, vagina-costumed crowd probably wouldn’t be so happy with the mom of seven either.

You’d think that feminists would applaud her for her no-fear attitude — especially once they heard her history.

But this is one lady that we will gladly feature here at ClashDaily!

Anna Taylor, famous for her concealed carry corsets, set up a gun range on her rural Kansas property where the whole family fire high-powered weapons together.

The 35-year-old’s youngest daughter Savanna, five, is the only one not yet firing live ammunition, only shooting unloaded guns so far.

Seven-year-old Addi says his favorite gun is a rifle, while eight-year-old Dylan prefers a pistol. The oldest child, Samie, is just 16.

As a mom myself, I think it’s so nice that they do things together as a family!

And such an important thing, too.

Ms Taylor said she and her husband Jason want their family to be ‘situationally aware’ and fully educated in marksmanship.

‘I know that evil exists and I certainly don’t live in fear. But it is a reality, and I am the first line of defense for my children and my family,’ she said.

‘I’ve heard it said ‘I carry a gun because a cop’s too big to fit in my purse.’ Well that’s so true.’

Anna Taylor would know that first-hand. She is a rape survivor.

She was raped three different times by different men when she was between the ages of 13 and 18.

She also lived in a rough part of Kansas City when her two oldest children were young. She felt vulnerable after three men kicked in the front door of a house down the street then shot and killed the homeowner. She recalls walking her children to the nearby park as the bloodied carpet was removed from the building.

I remember going on walks with the kids through the neighborhood when they were rolling up the bloody carpet to tear out of that house. It was such a vulnerable place to be.

‘I thought that if somebody was to bust down my door and intrude at night, I would be very defenseless against them. So I really wanted to get my concealed carry permit.’

After having children, Taylor set up the gun range on her property because she doesn’t want her kids to grow up with a ‘victim mentality’.

She isn’t concerned about exposing her kids to guns because she says that teaching them about gun safety and how to shoot will prevent accidents.

Taylor says that they’ve been exposed to guns since they were very young.

‘My second-youngest, she was still nursing and I would carry my gun around my waist so since they’ve been little they’ve been up against a firearm or seen it, or felt it, or known that it was there.

Ms Taylor said it was a ‘tremendous responsibility’ to teach children about guns and you had to be willing to take it seriously.

‘If you neglect to teach them safety and respect. and teach them bad habits then that’s 100 per cent on you,’ she said.

‘So from day one I have taught them and taught them how it works.

‘Removing the mystery, teaching them how it works, as well as respect for life, and that a gun can be dangerous if misused is what I teach them.’

Taylor is an NRA certified instructor and now runs Dene Adams, (named after her grandfather,) a holster company which manufactures concealed carry corsets that Taylor has designed.

Taylor is able to carry a full arsenal with her. In the video, she reveals that with her specially designed corset, she is able to carry four guns, a 50 round clip, and a knife under her clothing.


That. Was. Amazing.

She has quite a collection of guns.

Anna now has an impressive collection of guns at home including a Desert Eagle that is fully plated in 24-karat gold.

‘I have a Glock 19 and an extra 31 round Glock Magazine,’ she said.

‘I have a Walther CCP, all 9 millimetres. I have a North-American Arms mini revolver, and a Sig Sauer P238, which is a micro 380. I’ve got guns in all kinds of colors.’

Taylor was asked if she thought that there was a ‘gun problem’ in the United States.

Her response was perfect:

‘The U.S. has a personal responsibility problem. The U.S. has a parenting problem. I don’t even know how many guns there are in America, but I know it’s a lot,’ she said.

‘When someone does not have personal responsibility or care for the life of others, it doesn’t matter what tool they get their hands on.

‘If someone has ill intent and they don’t have respect for human life, they will find a way to cause harm to others. Definitely not a gun problem.’

Source: Daily Mail

Anna Taylor, ClashDaily salutes you!

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