Dear Parents: School Forbids You To See The LGBT Video They’re Showing Your Kids

Written by Doug Giles on July 2, 2018

Do you notice how that ‘takes a village’ attitude toward parenting makes the parents themselves obsolete?

If you were wondering if the family unit and ‘big government’ are truly at odds with each other, or whether that’s just overblown hype by paranoid conservatives, take a look at what’s going on in Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania.

A showdown over who has the right to say what ideas your kids are and are not taught is taking place there.

The same public school system that not too long ago told people not to ‘cram your morality down our throat’ over issues like prayer, the Ten Commandments, and education about abstinance now believes they have the right to indoctrinate kids and give them moral instruction about sexuality.

This is a long way from the clinical objective basics about puberty, hygeine and the ‘tab a’ into ‘slot b’ understanding of where babies come from.

They are now proclaiming a moral code, declaring what is and is not ‘morally good’ in the classroom.

We used to call that indoctrination. Worse still… the parents are not permitted to see the content for themselves.

For four days last April students at a Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania were forced to watch videos selected by the “student-led” Gay-Straight Alliance.

The videos ranged from “9 Questions Gay People Have About Straight People” to a compilation of clips celebrating “marriage equality.” There was also a video educating students about gender fluidity – the idea there is no such thing as male or female.

“My son expressed to me that he felt bullied by the administration for being a heterosexual man and being forced to listen to LGBT advocacy on a daily basis,” one parent wrote in a letter to the school district.

The East Penn School District claimed the videos, shown during daily announcements, were about anti-bullying and the LGBT movement. But parents argue it was more about indoctrination. And when they asked to see the videos – the school district refused.


“It does not pass the straight face test for the District to claim it need not provide parents with the actual video links, although the District required more than 2,800 students to view these videos, with no prior notice to parents, and no opportunity to opt-out,” Mast wrote.

Parents took their concerns to the school district – but they were rebuffed.

“Since when does a public school in the United States of America have the right to block a parent and tell them they will not allow them to see the controversial partisan programming they are requiring their children to watch,” another parent asked in a letter to the district. “We have every right to expect that our children are not being subjected to partisan indoctrination in our public schools.”
Source: ToddStarnes

What makes this even more astonishing, this is the very issue that caused the courts to grant Religious asylum to the Romeike family from Germany. The German government overruled the wishes of the family, and forced thier kids — under threat of fine, or even forced separation of family — if they did not send their homeschooled kids to be taught to believe what the State would have them believe.

The irony here is that law originated 1930’s Germany, where a particulary unpopular government administration was in full swing.

Homeschoolers Face Ghosts of the Third Reich

(If the name Emmaus sounds odd, but a little familiar, that little community was famously referenced in the Bible. We covered why that town was significant in a post quite some time ago.)

Who has the final say over what your kids should learn? Unionized teachers, or parents?

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