Yo, Open Border Democrats: Merkel’s Government Collapsing Over Her Disastrous Migrant Policies

Written by Doug Giles on July 2, 2018

Do you remember what they say about those who don’t learn from history?

While Democrats in America are openly campaigning for ‘sanctuary cities’, open borders, and in some cases, the abolotion of ICE, the government in Germany — whose policies they’re trying to emulate — is about to hit an iceberg.

Mrs Merkel’s party is ‘on the brink’ after Seehofer threatened to quit over her handling of Germany’s migrant crisis, insiders have admitted.

Mrs Merkel, who has been German chancellor since 2005, is facing intense pressure from her Bavarian sister party, who have called for borders to be closed to asylum seekers.

The collapse of Germany’s ruling coalition was only averted after she promised Mr Seehofer that she would reach a deal at a summit in Brussels on Friday.

Last night, sources said that he was dissatisfied with what she had achieved and was planning to announce his resignation. Mr Seehofer was said to have blasted the new plan as ‘ineffective’.

But he then said he would hold last-ditch talks with Mrs Merkel’s CDU this afternoon ‘in hopes of reaching an understanding’.


The disagreement follows growing discontent over her handling of the 2015 migration crisis, which saw the arrival of more than a million refugees in Germany.

If Mr Seehofer does step down, it is not clear what effect the move would have on the three-week impasse between Mrs Merkel and the CSU, but it is thought the stand-off could bring the end of her fourth term as chancellor.
Source: DailyMail

If even in EUROPE — where national borders within the EU have minimal meaning and significance — her ideas about beign a global village have bitten their government in the ass, what makes the Left think the same plan will work any better in America?

Do the Dems think this will actually work? Or is it some bizarre attempt at party suicide?

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