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News Clash

Dear Rachel Maddow: No, The WH Did Not Doctor The Putin Video, You Fake News Goofball

Rachel Maddow is convinced Trump’s a monster. She’s even willing to make stuff up to prove it.

And these are the so-called ‘legitimate’ news sources that tech giants AREN’T putting the screws to.

Hey, tech gurus! Great job protecting us from that ‘fake news’. You’ve blown it. Yet again.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow led her show Tuesday night with an explosive allegation: The administration of President Trump had intentionally buried a question asked of Russian President Vladimir Putin during last week’s news conference in Helsinki. Not an insignificant question, either. The one about whether or not Putin wanted Trump to win.

“We can report tonight that the White House video of that exchange has also skilfully cut out that question from the Reuters reporter as if it didn’t happen,” Maddow claimed.
Source: WaPo

And WHY can she report that?

Because Rachel Maddow — and the rest of the Left — is playing the very same game everyone used to play with Dubya, back when he was the Republican in power.

Assumption 1: Trump is ‘out of his mind’ — (Take your pick: actually insane, gullible, demented, foolish, or just in over his head)

Assumption 2: Trump is some kind of an ‘evil genius at the top of a conspiracy’ with deep tendrils into everything.

Do you see how he couldn’t possibly be both?

Alright, let’s break this down.

And remember, this is the same President Rachael has been calling mentally unfit since his inauguration.

She’s making the claim that the White House deliberately edited out a question in the transcripts where Putin was asked if Russia wanted Trump to win.

WaPo sets the record straight, showing that there were two different audio feeds, and there was a break in one of them.

Maybe she thinks WaPo is part of the conspiracy, too?

That would be weird, what with Bezos owning it, and all.

The Post sees the ‘evil’ discrepancy differently, citing the difference in the two audio feeds:

Here’s the thing: That’s also how The Post’s transcript of the news conference initially read, too. Ours came from Bloomberg Government and ours, too, excluded the first part of the reporters question in which he begins, “President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election”.

What happened? If you watch the videos, it’s pretty clear. At some point in the middle of that question, there’s a switch between the feed from the reporters and the feed from the translator. In the White House version of the video, you can hear the question being asked very faintly under the woman who is translating saying “president.”

They supplied the two feeds, where you can hear the difference.

The first feed, which WaPo itself originally used is here:

The other feed, used by FoxNews, had the translator more muted, and the questions in the foreground.

So, either WaPo is a co-conspirator in a Machivalian scheme keep any news that would put Trump in a bad light out of the public eye…

Or Rachel Maddow is simply wrong.

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