Dear San Antonio Spurs: Your New 19yr. Old Millionaire Draft Pic Doesn’t Like America

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2018

Until now, the NBA has managed not to alienate half their fans the way the NFL did under Kaepernick. Is that about to change?

Unlike the NFL, the other big sports have managed NOT to get sucked into this contentious protest-while-representing-your-team debacle.

That’s a good thing, obviously, if you’d rather not alienate half your fan base. So far, so good.

But not everyone has figured out WHY that’s a good thing. And now a first round draft pick is going out of his way to alienate the fans who will be paying his salary through ticket sales, TV ads, or merch.

Training your own fans to HATE you even before they’ve started to LIKE you isn’t a great strategy for self-promotion. One ABC affiliate caught the tweet before it came down:

History, huh?

Has Lonnie ever heard of this guy? Or is he not covered in the “Progressive” version of Black History?

Walker does know that San Antonio is in TEXAS, doesn’t he? Because Independence is kind of a big deal down there.

Good luck with that attitude. You’re gonna need it.

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