Fool Tries To Carjack TX Mom’s Car With Her Kids Inside – That Was A Very Bad Idea

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2018

If you thought mamma bears were dangerous if you mess with their cubs, you’ve never seen a mom whose kids got threatened.

(Somebody should forward this story to David Hogg and his anti-2A friends.)

If he thought she’d make an easy target, he thought wrong. And with her kids on the line, she was not going to hesitate to do what needed doing.

“I should have emptied the whole clip, but I didn’t.”

She stopped for gas, went in to pay with her kids in the car, and a carjacker took that chance to jump into her SUV and drive off with it.

Mom jumped into the passenger seat, and when he didn’t stop, she shot him. In the face.

The carjacker is now in the hospital recovering from his stupidity.

This happened in DALLAS. People take the Second Amendment seriously there. Did he not realize that a mom would be motivated to stop him dead in his tracks? Literally, if necessary?

When trouble threatened her family, she was ready. She didn’t have to hope she was strong enough to overpower the criminal taking her babies away.

The firepower she carries turns her into a credible threat to her attacker, HOWEVER big and strong he might otherwise be.

It’s important to recognize threats, and be prepared to deal with them when the time comes. This mom, fortunately, was ready.

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