Fast & Furious Eric Holder Is ‘Seriously Thinking About Running in 2020’

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2018

Look what the Swamp Dragged back in. We’re just wondering… who’s supposed to be HIS wingman?

In case you were looking for someone with just as much baggage as Hillary, without the muumuu and weird medical issues, look no farther than Eric Holder.

He is considering throwing his hat into that ring.

Maybe he’s hoping that he can undo Trump’s legacy the same way Trump has shredded Obama’s.

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert brought up a tweet from CNN commentator April Ryan, who reported that Holder was seriously considering running in 2020, and the audience responded with cheers and applause.

“Were you just taking the temperature of America just now?” Colbert asked, referring to the audience’s response.

“I was just looking to see potential contributors, and Cabinet members,” Holder joked.
“But are you seriously considering throwing your hat into the ring for 2020?” Colbert asked.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about it. What I said is that I’ll make a determination sometime early next year,” Holder said.

Holder added that his main focus right now is on the 2018 midterms and to fix partisan gerrymandering.

“My focus now is on 2018, the midterms and trying to make sure that Democrats take back the Senate, take back the House and that we do well importantly at the state level … We’re going to be picking half the people right now who will be doing redistricting in 2021,” Holder said. “And we have a real problem in this country with regard to partisan gerrymandering, so I want to make sure that we elect as many people at the governor level and state legislative level so that when 2021 comes, we have a fair redistricting process.”
Source: FreeBeacon

He wants to “fix partisan gerrymandering” — which sounds like it would mean making it neutral, but more likely means “fix it” into the kind of partisan his political aims can personally benefit from. After all, you don’t have to scratch the surface very deeply to see that he’s intensely political.

As for his run. does he have a shot?

Well, he just may have a shot at being the nominee.

This is even more likely seeing as most of the Democratic frontrunners are one of two extremes.

Either they admire Betty White for her youth and energy, or are the new generation of ‘skulls full of mush’ like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the recently nicknamed, ‘She Guevera’.

What kind of a leader would he be for the Left?

As Obama’s ‘wing-man’, he didn’t object to the politicizing of the machinery of government, including law enforcement. He tilts as far Left as Obama did, and with the culture changing, he may be emboldened to push even further.

This would force those in the center to either lurch left with it, or join the ‘red-pilled’ and #WalkAway movements already underway.

As far as his “Social Justice” street cred goes, his ‘resistance’ bona-fides are top-notch. California had him on retainer as a weapon to counter Trump several weeks before the Inauguration.

He’s “all-in” on sanctuary cities even though Holder PERSONALLY fought the Supreme Court to revoke asylum they had legally granted to one Christian Homeschooling family that was fleeing Germany from the oppression of laws that LITERALLY dated back to the late 1930’s.

(So, while everyone else is busy calling the current president ‘literally you-know-who’… well, you do the math.)

The case, if you’re interested, was named Romeike v. Holder, and we discussed the backstory in greater detail here: Homeschoolers Face Ghosts of the Third Reich

That means he’s motivated to support Illegal immigration of a particular type… and not lawful immigrants and refugees as a whole, who are more broadly ‘seeking a new life’ of freedom and opportunity here.

He’s also got as much baggage as Hillary.

He’s been in contempt of Congress and that was connected to his role in the scandal that led to the death of an American citizen, Brian Terry.

For anyone who thought the future might have LESS political partisanship and antipathy than we previously had? Don’t hold your breath.

How do you feel about him running to be their nominee?

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