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LMAO: Trump Meddled In Obama’s Trip To South Africa And It’s Pretty Funny

Do you think this was in response to all the ‘Meddling’ Obama and his surrogates have been doing to undermine Trump?

Most Presidents ‘ride off into the sunset’ after they finish their term in office, and let the person The People have chosen work unimpeded.

But, as many on the Left would gladly remind us, Barack Obama is NOT ‘Most Presidents’.

For one thing, the NY Post has reported in “The Myth Of Obama’s ‘Disappearance’” that Obama has never actually ‘gone away’ but he is busy working behind the scenes, politically.

You may also remember how Obama was called ‘Shadow President’ for having an itinerary where he met with the same world leaders Trump was meeting with.

That’s to say nothing about the dirty trick he played with Israel just before leaving office, or his role in making damaging information available to would-be leakers just before Trump took over. And Obama’s direct or indirect role in any “Deep-State” or #Spygate mischief remains to be fully answered.

In light of all that, should Trump’s instructions to the Embassy actually surprise anyone?

They helped with security, but that’s about it.

But of course, the Left had a very different explanation for why Trump would want that:

The Mandela 100 commemoration became a mini battlefield in the ongoing US political war this week, as the Trump administration ordered that Barack Obama not be given any assistance other than security arrangements by the American embassy in South Africa.

The high-profile visit by the former president was mainly arranged and coordinated by the Nelson Mandela and Obama foundations, with no assistance from the US embassy in Pretoria – a break from the diplomatic tradition of offering support to any visiting American leader.

None of the US embassy staff had to play any role due to “instructions by Washington” that Obama should not be provided any assistance, according to a highly placed source.

In the past, the US embassy has always provided full support to any visiting American leader regardless of party affiliation.

Asked for comment, respected Wits University international relations visiting professor John Stremlau said US President Donald Trump had “a penchant for pettiness and strange fixation with denigrating and dismissing virtually all actions by his predecessor”.
Source: Citizen (South Africa)

Was Trump right to instruct his embassy not to help Obama in his political work overseas? Or Nah?

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