LMAO: Why Is This Picture Of Trump Sitting In A Chair Driving Brits So Crazy?

Written by Wes Walker on July 16, 2018

Those Brits need to chill out. After all, they can’t very well rely on their craptastic State health care if they have themselves a stroke.

It wasn’t enough that they ginned up some very predictable protocol outrage over Trump’s visit with the Queen. (These are the same media bright lights who gave us that very badly edited scene with Trump feeding the fish in Japan as ‘proof’ of an incident. That footage was later busted as fake news when the unaltered footage showed his Japanese host had done the same thing with HIS fish food.

What’s the latest outrage?

Trump sat down.

In a chair.

Think we’re making that up? See for yourself:

What chair did he sit down in? The thone?

Not quite. But the Brits are nearly as triggered.

President Donald J Trum sat in … wait for it… Winston Churchill’s armchair.

The Leader of the Free World — one, incidentally, who still has an appreciation for Churchill’s awareness of which threats loomed on the horizon, that the UK needed protection from — sat down in the armchair of one of the greatest political heroes of the entire 20th Century.

The British are insulted that such a man would sit in that chair.

But really, we could easily turn that objection right around at the accusers, couldn’t we?

England  — the land that once gave us the Parliamentary System, British Common Law, and the Magna Carta — has ceded her sovereignty to the EU, has had thousands of its children raped by ‘grooming gangs’ who hide behind their ethnic and religious identity to escape punishment, and as I write this, has made a political prisoner of a reporter trying to expose the previous point.

Yet they have the GALL to be outraged at Trump sitting in Churchill’s Chair?

When did ‘Great’ Britain go from being a British Bulldog to being a neutered Corgi?

How can you criticize Trump of being unworthy of sitting in that chair, if BRITONS have made themselves unworthy of being his heir?

Sadly, Churchill won the war but Chamberlian won the culture.

And soon, they might not even have that anymore, will they?

Because the UK was so quick to open their doors to foreigners, they neglected to ask what transformative effect it might have on culture. Oops.

Is it too late to recover from that mistake?

With the Trump $100 bill, gift giving just got a whole lot easier.

What’s not to like? They get a gift, and you get to crow about just how good Trump’s first year has been.

It’s win-win, right? Heck yeah.

Where would you get such a wonderful gift? We’re glad you asked.

It’s right here –> Trump $100 Bill

Or maybe when you give it, they’re uptight and have no sense of ha-ha.

We’ve got something for that, too.

Give them a book.

But not just ‘any’ book.

Give them something that can help them get over their serious case of Trump-derangement Butthurt.

Tell them they can use that Hundred Dollar Bill as a bookmark.

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