Pop Quiz: Who Finds Life More Meaningful, Libs Or Conservatives?

Written by Wes Walker on July 18, 2018

Could this explain all the rage about basically nothing?

As the Liberals were (once) fond of saying — “It’s science!”

There’s been a study about who finds life more meaningful. Do their results match your experience?

If you struggle to come up with an answer to the age-old conundrum, you could blame your left-leaning political ideologies, as new research claims that conservatives are more likely to have an established sense of their life purpose than liberals.

According to the University of California study, which analysed a series of surveys across 16 countries, those with liberal beliefs are more likely to be in a perpetual state of searching for meaning than their right-wing counterparts.
Researchers examined data acquired from five studies looking at how liberals and conservatives rate their lives in terms of meaning and purpose in a dataset spanning four decades.

Participants were asked to rate their political beliefs on a spectrum, ranging from “extremely conservative” to “extremely liberal” and were subsequently asked to respond to statements questioning the extent to which they felt their lives had purpose such as “I understand my life’s meaning”.

The study’s authors accounted for religious beliefs when analysing the responses and still found strong links between those with conservative ideologies having a stronger sense of purpose compared to liberals.
Source: Independent

Of course, that doesn’t mean that EVERY conservative has a strong sense of meaning, and EVERY liberal lacks it.

The article itself makes that point.

But what patterns have you seen in your life? Have your say in the poll.

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