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Written by K. Walker on July 19, 2018

By: K. Walker

ClashDaily Associate Editor

A new study has revealed that there could be a pretty high cost to that constant phone use. Check it out…

The study that was released on Tuesday says that ‘digital overload’ could be linked to a ‘modest’ but significant rise in new ADHD behavior in teens.

So, all those teens freaking out about parents wanting to control their screen time…

Listen to your parents and put the dang phone down once in a while!

You use it more than you think you do, so do yourself a favor and get one of those tracking apps.


The findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association were based on nearly 2,600 Los Angeles teens who answered survey questions over a two-year period — making it one of the largest and longest studies on the topic to date.

The more social media, streaming video, text messaging, music downloads or online chats they engaged with, the more likely they were to report symptoms like difficulty organizing and completing tasks, or trouble remaining still.

Researchers caution that there could be other factors, but the study is revealing.

About 10 percent of youths who said they commonly used digital media platforms frequently showed new ADHD symptoms over the study period, said the report.

In contrast, 4.6 percent of students who were not frequent users of any digital activity showed ADHD symptoms.

The study was also observational in nature, so that must be taken into consideration.

Still, the findings offer a solid basis for more research because “this was a statistically significant association,” said Adam Leventhal, a professor of preventive medicine and psychology at the University of Southern California.

“We can say with confidence that teens who were exposed to higher levels of digital media were significantly more likely to develop ADHD symptoms in the future.”

Source: Yahoo News

The big question is, is it the digital devices themselves that are doing this?

Because the technology is still relatively new, we still don’t know what type of lasting effect the constant use of digital media has on the brain.

But there is one thing that we do know, people, in general, aren’t around moving as much.

Could it be that sitting on your butt tapping on a digital device instead of being active is causing the problem?

Maybe get out there and do something epic, rather than watching other people do epic things on YouTube.


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