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Trump Just B-Slapped His Former Lawyer Michael Cohen – Good Luck, Mike

Mueller crossed a proverbial ‘Rubicon’ in violating lawyer-client privilege… for THIS?

Again and again, they try to bring down that political ‘killing stroke’ on the President, and again and again they fall short.

Is Cohen’s tape more of the same, or is it that ‘gotcha’ moment they’ve been so desperate for?

Here’s the President’s reaction:

Harvard Law professor, and former Hillary supporter, Alan Dershowitz wasn’t worried about the tape:

Appearing Wednesday on ‘Fox & Friends,’ longtime Harvard Law School scholar Alan Dershowitz said the tape was a ‘big deal about nothing’ and that Cohen ‘shouldn’t have recorded this.’

‘The end result is no payments were made, no cash was given,’ Dershowitz declared. ‘There’s no crime here. There’s no impeachable offense here.’

Cohen could be charged with bank fraud or campaign finance violations in relation to his separate payoff of pornographic actress Stormy Daniels for her silence about an allegation similar to that of the other woman, former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Source: DailyMail

As for ‘Stormy’ and her claim that there are more tapes? Guiliani has said otherwise. He says they have all the transcripts of all the tapes, and there is nothing else in them.

One way or another, we’ll all know eventually.

For the time being, though — the only person who seems to be sweating it is the lawyer whose office Mueller raided. He’s facing some serious charges.

We’re pretty sure we already know the answer to this question, but let’s ask some of our readers with a law enforcement background, how is this process SUPPOSED to work? Does law enforcement decide someone is a criminal, and go looking for a crime to prove it, or do they begin with a specific alleged crime, and follow the evidence where it leads to decide whether that allegation should be charged or exonerated?

Because, with the Mueller investigation — especially with those Clinton associates getting immunity — it sure is looking like the former.

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