Watch: EPA Chief Gets Blasted At Restaurant By Millennial Snowflake

Written by Doug Giles on July 3, 2018

Keep this up guys. You’re just helping Trump’s Get-out-the-Vote effort in November.

So a Schoolteacher felt the need to politicize yet another restaurant and yet another public servant.

A schoolteacher! She’s a public servant herself, and especially in light of some of the stupidity happening in the school system, is she sure she wants restaurants to become a place where public servants get harrassed?

Here’s just one for-instance: Dear Parents: School Forbids You To See The LGBT Video They’re Showing Your Kids

Should parents call for the resignations of TEACHERS, in restaurants too? Especially teachers as political as SHE is?

But these self-righteous goons think their own will is more important than due process, HR roles or even Presidential appointments.

They think they get to wield the heckler’s veto over the personal lives and employment of strangers the disagree with. Watch:

Teacher Confronts EPA Chief Pruitt at Washington Restaurant Over His Many Scandals And Asks Him To Resign

A teacher publicly confronted embattled Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt while he was eating lunch on Monday and read him a list of reasons he should consider resigning from his post.“Hi, I just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you’re doing to the environment and our country,” Kristin Mink says in the video. “This is my son. He loves animals. He loves clean air. He loves clean water. Meanwhile, you’re slashing strong fuel standards for cars and trucks, for the benefit of big corporations.”“You’ve been paying about 50 bucks a night to stay in a D.C. condo that’s connected to an energy lobbying firm, while approving their dirty sands pipeline,” Mink continues, reading from notes. “We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, somebody who believes in climate change and takes it seriously, for the benefit of all of us, including our children.”Mink concluded: “So, I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out.”

Posted by The Guardians of Democracy on Monday, July 2, 2018

She thinks the EPA director should resign. She uses her little kid to pull heartstrings.

Pruitt was dining with a friend at Teaism restaurant in Washington DC on Monday, when he was confronted by local teacher who urged him to resign over the reported irreparable damage he is causing to the environment.

Walking over with her two-year-old son in her arms, Kristin Mink told Pruitt: ‘This is my son, he loves animals, he loves clean air, he loves clean water.’

She mentioned the politician’s $50 a night apartment deal with an energy lobbying firm and his plan to roll back vehicle emissions standards.

We deserve to have some in the EPA who actually does protect our environment. Who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of all of us, including our children.

‘I just wanted to urge you to resign, because of what you’re doing to the environment in our country… before your scandals push you out,’ added Mink, who teaches sixth grade at Sidwell Friends – where both Sasha and Malia Obama attended.

Pruitt did not say anything in response to her. But obviously, this was done for the camera and with an intention to put it on social media.

If YOUR kid was being taught by someone with a religious zeal to be in the ‘resistance’, would you have some concerns about what, exactly, your kid is being taught by that zealot?

Let’s put this in terms that this woman can understand. It’s a safe bet she’s an Obama fan, so we’ll give her a quote.

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor gave President Obama a list of modest proposals for the bill. Obama said he would consider the GOP ideas, but told the assembled Republicans that “elections have consequences” and “I won.”
Source: Quora

You know who ELSE won? This guy:

Deal with it.

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