WATCH: Woman Catches Chick Selling Her Food Stamps – Lots Of F-Bombs Get Dropped

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2018

Would you believe the audacity of this woman? Getting caught red-handed in FRAUD, and telling the witness who caught her to ‘mind her own business’?

Government handouts are NOT ‘compassionate’ when they’re being used as part of a fraud scheme.


Of course, the ‘mainstream’ outlets like Raw Story went straight to the accusations of racism.

Pay no attention to the small matter of ‘fraud’.

No, the real ‘sinner’ here is the white chick who referenced Trump’s Wall.

She referenced the wall after seeing a crime in progress. But Raw Story assumed it was a ‘race’ thing. So, unless they think that its normal for black people to commit fraud, the burden of proof in that accusation is on Raw Story.

But hey, we could be wrong. The author of that story might actually be so racist as to think that criminality is a function of ethnicity. Only then would their accusation make sense.

As for the Wall being somehow ‘racist’? It’s not. Even a Biblical Scholar and Ethics Professor has said so.

Biblical Scholar Makes Case For Why Trump’s Beautiful Wall Is A Moral Good

Did the woman follow through with her plan to call the cops? Did the obnoxious chick who was openly discussing Food Stamp fraud in a public place actually back down?

Have the police looked into it?

Let’s make her famous… just in to be sure.

Someone out there is going to know who that is, gaming the system.

Who says making something ‘go viral’ can’t be meaningful?

In some cases, it’s almost a civic duty.

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