Watch: ‘WTF Is That?!’ It Has No Legs, Face or Legs And It’s Crawling And Freaking People Out

Written by K. Walker on July 27, 2018

By: K. Walker
ClashDaily Associate Editor

There’s creepy and then there’s CREEPY. Watch this creepy faceless creature with a ‘rat-like’ tail move around and try not to get freaked out.

Bex Deen of Southampton, (which is around 70 miles southwest of London, England,) captured a video of a very disturbing creature moving on her porch. It was around 5-inches long, (that’s 12.7 cm for our friends that use metric,) faceless, limbless, and looked like a sausage with a rat-like tail.

In essence, the definition of creepy.

It crawled like a worm but is much larger. It has a long, thin tail but no face or legs.

The stunned woman who filmed it also asked friends to help identify it.

One answered the call: ‘That thing is absolutely gross! I’ve never seen something so disgusting! OMG get rid of that please.’


It turns out, this might be a larger than normal rat-tailed maggot.

That’s little consolation, I know.

No one wants to see a 5-inch long maggot.

But wait!

There’s more… it lives in stagnant water and manure pits.


A rat-tailed maggot can sometimes be less than an inch long while the tail can be as long as six inches in length when fully extended.

The rat-tailed maggot is the immature stage of a drone fly that resembles a honey bee.

The tail is used as a breathing tube when the maggot is submerged underwater as it does not have gills.

Rat-tailed maggots are typically found in stagnant water such as lagoons and manure pits.

The insects become a nuisance when they crawl away from their breeding site to find a dry place.

Source: Daily Mail

In the flurry of comments on her post, Ms. Deen’s biggest concern was where that thing had disappeared to.

Can you blame her?

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