Bitter, Table For One? John McCain’s Family Banned Sarah Palin From His Funeral

Written by K. Walker on August 30, 2018

It’s not just President Trump that wasn’t invited to the funeral. McCain’s former running mate, Sarah Palin, was also left off of the guest list.

People magazine reports that there has been a request that Palin, despite the friendship that she and McCain had maintained over the years, not attend the funeral of Senator John McCain.

Sarah Palin has said many nice things about McCain over the years. She has also asserted that even when they were divided on the policies, they had amicably agreed to disagree.

President Donald Trump and former John McCain presidential running mate Sarah Palin are not invited to memorial services for the iconic Arizona senator, multiple sources tell PEOPLE.

“Two names you won’t see on the guest list: Trump and Palin,” says a Capitol Hill source with knowledge of funeral plans for McCain, who died of brain cancer Saturday at age 81.

“Invitations were not extended” to the two political figures, confirms Carla Eudy, a fundraiser who has worked with and been friends with the McCain family for decades.

There is speculation on how this all came to be, but it’s believed that it’s the wishes of the family.

“My guess is, it came from Cindy,” says a source close to the McCain family. “She is very protective of John’s memory and legacy. She’s also a grieving widow. I think she wants to get through this as best she can.”

There are also questions regarding the appropriateness of disinviting prominent figures from a funeral.

“Donald Trump and Sarah Palin were not served official notice outright,” says the source close to the McCain family. “I want to make that clear. It wasn’t a no-trespass order. They won’t be turned away by guards if they show up at the funeral.”
Source: People

The friend of the family told People that the messages were given through intermediaries and were received.

Wednesday was the 10 year anniversary of John McCain selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. They remained friends throughout the years.

In McCain’s memoir, The Restless Wave, that was published in April, he revealed that he regretted his choice of running mate and wished that he’d chosen Senator Joe Lieberman instead of Palin.

Despite what must have been a painful revelation, Palin has been the picture of grace.

And here’s the very classy response that was reported to the media:

McCain’s funeral will take place at the National Cathedral with a parade of bold-faced names giving tributes and carrying his coffin.

His daughter Megan will give the first tribute.

She will be followed by former Sen. Joe Lieberman, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former President George W. Bush, and former President Barack Obama.

Readings will be done by two of McCain’s closest friends in the Senate: Sen. Lindsay Graham and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte.
Source: Daily Mail

The big question is, will the McCain family bar the Media (D) from the funeral?

After all, they are a big part of why McCain to lost in 2008 after they turned him and mocked Palin mercilessly.

Of course not.

The Media (D) is lavishing praise on the late John McCain now.

There are reports that Cindy McCain is seeking to take her husband’s now vacant seat in the Senate.

The Media (D) will give her a free pass for being a widow of a moderate Republican for a while, but when it comes down to brass tacks, let’s see what happens if she chooses to support President Trump’s policies on anything.

The Media (D) absolutely despises Trump and will flush their own credentials down the toilet to stick it to him.

Frankly, that’s exactly where some of their credentials belong.

That’s just one of the things that many Republicans love about him.

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