WATCH: Road Rage Causes A Tractor Trailer To FLIP – Insane Footage!

Written by Wes Walker on August 30, 2018

Two drivers who couldn’t check their egos both got tickets after this very dangerous situation.

It started out when a trucker was getting ready to pull into an open spot in the middle lane to move around slower traffic, only to have an SUV pull into that same spot.

The trucker signaled, and the SUV was matching speed to the trucker who wanted into his lane.

When there was finally enough room for the truck to move left into the center lane, he did so, and kept moving from there into the left lane.

Then the SUV — who was not very far ahead of the tractor-trailer — astonishingly, cut in front of the trucker … and hit his brakes, which forced the truck to slam on his.

That’s a particularly stupid way to be passive-aggressive.

Instead of the one-vehicle accident that happened moments later when the trucker tried to get his rig back under control, that dumb stunt could have ended more like this:

As a general rule, there is no glory in winning a Darwin Award. Don’t tempt fate, just because you think that “other” driver is an idiot. You’re only proving that you are at least as dumb as the other guy.

When he reached the curve, his rig wasn’t yet stable and pitched to its side.

Here is what police said about it:

“Miraculously, no other vehicles struck the tractor which could have resulted in a major accident since it occurred at approximately 9:46 a.m. on a weekday morning,” said Mahwah police Chief James N. Batelli.

The traffic mess began when an SUV driver saw what he believed was a tractor-trailer being driven aggressively and changing lanes in a reckless manner, police said in a statement.

The concerned motorist “decided to take the matter in his own hands and slow the tractor-trailer down to prevent any type of accident,” Batelli added.

Police said the trucker told officers he was driving northbound when the gray SUV entered the same lane in front of him, began braking and straddled the lanes. The trucker said he lost control of the big rig, unsuccessfully tried to regain control, but hit the divider and flipped.

As for the load he was carrying? It wasn’t anything hazardous.

It was literally a truckload of candy.