Danny DeVito’s Attack On Trump’s Team Gets Personal… Invokes The Grandchildren

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2018

Although Danny DeVito took a swipe at both parties, what he said about the Trump team got really personal.

What do they say about glass houses?

While being interviewed to promote his work, the topic of the Environment came up.

And, of course, Danny had to make a personal attack against Trump.

Well, I’m really excited about Ocasio-Cortez. That was great, man. It was very exciting to see that. The thing about it is, Crowley was in there for ten years, and she beat the machine—and we know that because of what happened with Bernie. So now we have Stacey Abrams, who could be the first African-American governor of Georgia. Not only young people but all people are starting to get hip to the fact that we have to take care of healthcare, education and the environment. Did you read that piece in the Times about the decade we almost stopped climate change? These guys are climate deniers because these guys got together and put all their money into propaganda. Please. We’re riding around in cars polluting the shit out of the city. Look what’s going on now in California with the tragic fires. You’ve got floods in India, problems all over the world. It’s horrifying.

And the Trump administration doesn’t really seem to give a damn about the environment. They certainly don’t believe in climate change.

They’re just making money. They just want to make money. I think they live with the mentality of—there was this old saying, “Whoever dies with the most toys wins.” That mentality is really horrible. They don’t care about other people. They probably don’t even care about their own grandchildren.

This guy’s a clown. The Democrats are clowns, too. I don’t put too much faith in the Democratic Party. I’m a progressive, and I love to see people thinking about universal healthcare, education for everybody, working on the environment, retooling our industries so we’re giving jobs to people to create sustainable energy systems.

Source: DailyBeast

He went on and said some things that were just as stupid, about the border, and prison camps. but let’s focus on the first part. The ‘judge-y’ part about grandchildren.

First, he weighs in on consumerism and ‘obscene’ wealth.

Does that mean he and his Hollywood buddies have embraced a monastic life? Nah. He’s only criticizing the REST of America. He gets that patented Leftist ‘coastal elite exemption’.

One might infer that he and his Hollywood buddies have foresworn their gated communities and high-flying lifestyles in order to divert all that money and all those toys to an eminently worthy cause, right?

Nah, forget the sprawling mansions, and expensive cars. He just means that OTHER people to change how THEY live. Just like Obama’s preaching about not needing Air Conditioners at 72 degrees and fancy homes when he was first elected, but lives in a multi-million dollar mansion today.

DeVito went on and said some things that were just as stupid, about the border, and prison camps. but let’s focus on the first part.

Ok first off, nobody who entertains ‘She Guevera’ Ocasio-Cortez and her Multi-Trillion Dollar Debt Policies gets to complain about the impact ANYTHING else could have on ‘grandchildren’.

And HIS party is very successfully ripping untold numbers of grandchildren out of their wombs. In fact, there would be a far greater number of minorities alive today — by percentage — if Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Program had not been so successfully championed by the Democratic party.

Almost stopped climate change, he thinks?

The only countries hamstrung by the Paris Accords were the ones who already had the strictest environmental controls.

In Beijing, the pollution is so bad you can practically cut stairs into the smog. But the WEST hast to fix their problems.

He can call Trump and the Democrats clowns all he wants.

But DeVito is something much worse: he’s a fraud.

An empty shell pretending to be our moral superior. And why does he have to do that? He said it himself in the first line of this interview.

He’s “always been self-centered and a hedonist”.

The only way someone like that could be mistaken for a ‘decent guy’ is if he shows the world how virtuous he might be. Some do it by giving away money to popular, or empathetic causes. His way costs him nothing.

He just pretends to care more about something that won’t make any demands on his personal life.

And his elitist buddies, playing the same game, wouldn’t DARE call him on it. Because they’re all playing the same damn game.

Don’t fall in the same trap as they did.

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