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WATCH: De Blasio’s Sounds A Helluva Lot Like Adolf

The Mayor of New York has said all sorts of ridiculous things, but this just might top them all…

Bill de Blasio is so far left he can’t even turn right. That bro is what conservatives call a ‘leftwing nutbar’.

That’s the technical term for a guy that…

thinks it’s fine to march in a parade that honors a terrorist
boots out a journalist because he doesn’t like the organization he works for
has openly supported socialism over property rights and the Constitution

And of course, he was ‘With Her’.

Mayor de Blasio now says that America would be better off if Fox News and Newscorp didn’t exist because they’re divisive, stoke racism, and are ‘changing the political landscape for the worse’.

After being asked what his “critique” was of the conservative New Corp, the far-left Mayor unleashed his hatred. “We would be a more unified country,” he declared. “There would be less overt hate. There would be less appeal to racial division, I guarantee it. Because what Murdoch did through Fox News and the New York Post, among others, is to create a dynamic where that stuff could come out in the open.” The smears of racism aside, what he’s really talking about is allowing only liberal outlets to exist.

De Blasio decried News Corp for having a “political agenda” with their reporting and asserted that all they did was sew divisions in the country.

Source: Newsbusters

Maybe de Blasio is upset that the New York Post called him ‘dumb’ for being caught in a lie and doubling-down.

He also says that CNN is balanced and doesn’t have that political agenda.

Oh, really?

So, when does CNN — the station that gave us ‘Russian Collusion’ for 20 hours a day and Stormy Daniels for the other 4 hours — actually cover the President’s accomplishments? They also pass off their commentators as ‘journalists’ which Fox News explicitly doesn’t do. If you want news with a political commentary, it’s better if the news outlet is upfront about their bias.

But here, Brian Stetler, one of the instigators of the ‘Missing Melania’ bunk in June and the Stalwart Defender of Journalists everywhere, goes a little soft on de Blasio for his anti-Fox News comments.

Watch de Blasio on Reliable Sources with Brian Stetler:

So, according to the new Arbiter of Truth, Bill de Blasio, if you watch Fox News or read the New York Post, you’re either dumb or a knuckle-dragging, mouthbreathing, hateful, sexist, racist, fascist bigot that likes putting children in cages so that you can show up and chant against blacks, Hispanics, and ‘the Jews’ with your tiki torches lit while marching around Confederate statues flaunting your ‘white privilege’.

Ok, so maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but he does think that Fox stokes racism, hatred, and division, so… Fox viewers must embrace those views, right?

And we’re the bigots?

Watch The Five rip on de Blasio’s anti-Fox News bias:

That. Was. Beautiful.

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