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Dear CNN: Lanny Davis Admits He Fed You FAKE NEWS – What Time’s Your Repentance?

Michael Cohen’s lawyer has been feeding B.S. to the Media (D). Guess when you’ll hear a correction…

Lanny Davis has been outed as the ‘anonymous source’ who told CNN that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, was willing to talk to Special Counsellor, Robert Mueller, that Trump had prior knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary.

CNN’s story claims that, according to the ‘anonymous source’, Cohen personally witnessed Don Jr. informing then-candidate Trump of the meeting that was to take place in June 2016. This would contradict what President Trump has repeatedly stated about no prior knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting.

It would also contradict what Michael Cohen, client of Davis, has said under oath.

No worries, though. That was all ‘Fake News.’

Davis has now revealed that he has been the ‘anonymous source’ confirming the CNN story’s veracity to other media outlets. But then, Davis told the Washington Post that he’s not sure if the claim he made as the anonymous source is accurate or that he could corroborate it.

Watch Lanny Davis tell Anderson Cooper that President Trump did not have prior knowledge of the infamous Don Jr. meeting at Trump Tower:

Then Davis told Buzzfeed News that he was the source of the story, completely contradicting what he told Anderson Cooper.

Last week, Davis told Anderson Cooper, “I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of the story.”

On Monday evening, Davis told BuzzFeed News that he regrets both his role as an anonymous source and his subsequent denial of his own involvement.

Davis told BuzzFeed News that he did, in fact, speak anonymously to CNN for its story, which cited “sources with knowledge” — meaning more than one person.

“I made a mistake,” Davis said. Regarding his comments about a month later to Cooper, he added, “I did not mean to be cute.”

Well, this is Lanny Davis, after all.

It seems that setting up a client for perjury charges is frowned upon in legal circles.

For a background on who Cohen’s lawyer is, don’t miss our ClashDaily profile of Lanny Davis.

Cohen’s Lawyer Isn’t Just Close With The Clintons — He’s A Registered Foreign Agent For A Pro-Putin Oligarch

The actions of Davis and CNN have made the reporters at Buzzfeed News — those stalwart defenders of journalistic integrity that were the first to publish the completely discredited Steele dossier — honest.

After Davis publicly backtracked from the claims, the New York Post and the Washington Post outed him as their confirming source and published apologies from Davis, a lawyer and communications expert who became well known for his work for Bill Clinton. The original CNN story — broadcast during Chris Cuomo’s prime-time show and written by Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen, and Watergate reporting legend Carl Bernstein — said that Davis had “declined to comment.” His involvement in the story, on so-called “background,” has not been previously reported.

Now that Davis admits that he was the anonymous source of the story, CNN’s reporting of it, including saying that they reached out to Davis and he had ‘declined to comment’ has been exposed.

And they wonder why we call them ‘fake news’…


When a media outlet reports that the lawyer that they used as their anonymous source has gone on the record as having ‘declined to comment’ that is the epitome of fake news. It is not just deceptive. That’s outright lying to the readers. You’d think that Carl Bernstein would understand a thing or two about journalism and know better than to do such a horrendous thing.  Apparently not. This is the danger of using anonymous sources, by the way.

After publication of this story, Davis added to BuzzFeed News that he did not lie to Cooper, but that he “unintentionally misspoke.”

What’s even more shocking, (or maybe isn’t,) is that CNN is standing by both the story that is blatantly false and the deceptive reporting of it.

“We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it,” a CNN spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

The unfolding saga around CNN’s July report highlights an uncomfortable reality for reporters in the Trump era — about the pitfalls of anonymous sourcing, the dangers of the reliance on capricious narrators, and what it means for news outlets when the backstory can matter as much as the story.

Source: Buzzfeed News

It looks like the Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant over there at CNN.

And they’ve tossed out any remnant of journalistic integrity that they had left.

Now that we all know that CNN has backed this story and that Michael Cohen’s lawyer outright lied to multiple news agencies, when do you think we’ll hear a correction?


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