Dear Patriots: Does Cohen’s BETRAYAL Of Trump’s Trust Disgust You?

Written by Wes Walker on August 23, 2018

Only a year ago, Cohen would ‘take a bullet’ for his client, Donald J Trump. This year, he’s working with a Clinton lawyer to destroy him.

So much for ‘attorney-client privilege’.

After Mueller violated all attorney-client privilege precedents (not to mention the President’s Executive Privilege precedents) with his raid on Cohen’s office and seizing all of his files and data, Cohen cracked like an egg.

Suddenly, the same man who would gladly ‘take a bullet’ for the President is a fully-accredited member of the Resistance, ready for his new birth as a public hero who joined the opposition to ‘Big Bad Trump’.

He ‘bravely’ declared he wasn’t looking for a pardon, and wouldn’t accept one if it were given to him.

And — just as some of us had predicted — Lanny Davis announced on Fox News a fundraising page for Cohen. He was (shocker!) trying to profit from his opposition to Trump, just like a certain Strzok did to rake in the big bucks.

Oops. There was a problem with the logistics, there.

Awww. Isn’t it too bad that his get-rich-quick scheme wound up helping the former client he’s now working to overthrow?

The man who’d ‘take a bullet’ and whose eyes are supposedly now open, as he opposes Trump ‘for his country’ is showing himself as nothing more than a modern Judas.

In so doing, he proved the old adage, a coward’s courage is in his tongue.

His loyalty was only good so long as it could get him something. To hell with loyalty, ethics, and attorney-client privilege.

And some believe that’s becoming all too common.

Bill O’Reilly addressed that trend in a recent piece. A quick summary of his main ideas will help his conclusion make sense.

Our society has stopped celebrating loyalty and is now celebrating the sellout who throws someone under the bus. We see it in no-fault divorces after infidelity. We see it with tell-all gossip books (even violating non-disclosure agreements after cashing the cheque they’d been given) and we’re even seeing it with the once-sacrosanct attorney-client privilege.

Not only is the remorse Judas had felt after his betrayal no longer in public view, it’s scarcely comprehended by our newly-normalized backstabbing celebrity culture.

Rather than anyone being racked by guilt today as we’re told Judas was, we’re seeing a different trend develop.

Bill concludes with:

That’s not likely to happen these days as betrayal is actually glorified in some ideological precincts, and in the awful world of gossip. If powerful people are harmed by those they once trusted, The View will pay the betrayer’s travel expenses to dish the dirt on TV. The women who betrayed Donald Trump have actually become celebrities.

Michael Cohen once publicly said he would always be loyal to “Mr. Trump.” He certainly knew the President’s character after working so closely with him. But now Cohen opines that his friend of many years is a danger to the country. Maybe Cohen is auditioning for the role of Brutus in the prison play.

The lawyer’s sudden impulse to protect America from Donald Trump is a bit dubious, don’t you think? Whether the President is guilty of anything or not is unknown at this point. But Mr. Cohen’s character is not unknown.

More worrisome is the fact that millions of married couples continue to proclaim their loyalty to each other in traditional wedding vows that were designed to emphasize fidelity. Sadly, these words mean little in modern America. Betrayal is now the order of the realm. And everyone should know it. — Bill O’Reilly

Does he have a point?

Is betrayal our ‘new normal’ or is it just what we’re seeing in the ‘rarified air’ of political and entertainment celebrity circles?

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