Dear Whiner: Crap Makes Plants Grow – Your Crappy Situation Could Be Your BEST Friend

Written by Doug Giles on August 14, 2018

Think you’ve got it tough? Ok, fine.

Now what are you going to do about it?

David said in Psalm 4 that God ‘enlarged’ him when he was in ‘distress’. Imagine that, Dinky: grow in and through PAIN. In this #DOUGCAST Doug gives 7 ways to handle the hellish trials that could be hitting you right now. Enjoy.

Here are the seven takeaways for the things you do when in the deep weeds:

  1. Stay Objective.
  2. Don’t Freak Out.
  3. Look for The Good in the Situation
  4. Nut Up (or ‘take courage’)
  5. Don’t Live Under Anyone Else’s Limitations.
  6. Measure your situation in the perspective of Eternity
  7. When everything has gone to hell… focus on what you CAN fix/control

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