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News Clash

Donald Jr Says: Big Tech Wants To Kill Conservative News Outlets

While some bickered over whether or not Infowars should have been ‘de-platformed’ many observers were asking the question “who’s next?”

Is Infowars the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine’?

We had previously reported that Eric Schmidt — of Google’s parent company — was exposed as ‘discreetly’ helping Hillary facilitate meetings with Facebook and Apple.

During questioning by Ted Cruz, FB’s founder acknowledged the hard left bias in Silicon Valley.

Twitter’s CEO @jack retweeted an article suggesting the merit of ratcheting up political tension even higher, invoking langage of ‘civil war’ to push their hard left political agenda.

Leftist Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

It’s not about opposing sides negotiating definitions of the new normal. It’s about one side Projecting their will on the wider population whether they want it or not.

And now, less than 100 days before the midterms, a high-profile right-leaning website goes ‘dark’, but others, like Antifa or Farrakhan, who have much more demonstrable violations of ‘terms of service’ are still up and running?

We smell a rat.

The President’s son summed the problem up nicely:

If they can silence the right as ‘fake news’ or ‘hate speech’ America will be one step closer to being like that Russian model the Left keeps talking about.

A media that only permits one voice to speak. And that voice — coincidently — is NEVER truly critical of their political benefactors.

(Notice it was a Leftist Senator that was urging the voices of his rivals to be silenced. By proxy, of course. Because if he did it himself, that would be tyranny.)

Remember Lord of the Rings? Senator Murphy is to Gollum as Big Tech is to Shelob the giant man-eating spider.

Senator Murphy is a gutless thug wishing harm on his rivals but has neither the courage nor the means to do it himself.

Cue Gollum’s voice:

‘But SHE could do it…’

Are we comparing a sitting Senator to a storybook creature eaten alive by the corrupting influence of power?

Actually… yes.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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