Gun Control Fails Again in Maryland, but Self-Defense Works

Written by Rob Morse on August 24, 2018

A pharmacist in Princess Anne, Maryland used his gun to save lives. Maryland’s gun control laws failed again, but self-defense worked just fine to stop this crime.

Two men walked into the pharmacy with ski masks over their faces. Employees estimated that both men were over six feet tall. The armed robbers pointed a rifle at the nearest cashier. The robbers ordered the store staff and customers to lie on the ground. Then they demanded the store employees hand over narcotics.

The pharmacist came out of his office and saw the attackers threatening his staff and customers. The pharmacist shot at the armed robbers with his legally owned handgun. The robbers ran.

Look at the numerous Maryland laws that failed to protect honest citizens. Robbery is illegal in Maryland. Conspiring with others to commit robbery is illegal. Using a gun to commit robbery is illegal, and has been for hundreds of years. The criminals don’t read those laws, but they had no trouble seeing the store owner’s gun and got the message. The criminals aren’t listening to Maryland’s new gun control regulations, but they heard the gunshot loud and clear.

Given that the subsequent police investigation was conducted by the gang-crimes unit, I’ll claim that the criminals didn’t bother with the required firearms background checks that are required to buy a long gun at a gun store. Does it shock you that criminals don’t obey state and federal gun laws?

Gang members don’t consult the Maryland registry of “approved firearms for possession or transfer”. Those laws only infringe on the rights of honest gun owners. Those gun laws disarm law abiding people, but did not disarm these criminals.

The Maryland assault weapon bans and the Maryland magazine capacity restrictions didn’t stop these gang members from breaking those laws. I’m sure Maryland legislators are agasp that criminals don’t follow their latest regulations. The rest of us told you so.

Honest and law abiding citizens can’t carry a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle like these criminals did as they drove to the pharmacy. Honest citizens can’t carry a loaded gun in public, or carry a concealed firearm without a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit. Unfortunately, most people in Maryland are denied their state-issued wear and carry permits. Which of us were disarmed by those laws, the gang members or the law abiding public?

A judge didn’t see fit to claim these three gang members, the two robbers and their get-away driver, were a threat to themselves or others. Despite their history of violence, the Maryland “red-flag” law didn’t work to disarm these criminals. At this point, is anyone surprised?

Maryland gun laws don’t disarm criminals, but they do disarm honest citizens. That makes us easier victims. When faced with rising violent crime, Maryland politicians repeat their failed policy prescriptions and propose to disarm more of us.

Let’s learn from this example instead. Criminals threatened the lives of innocent people. Because he had a gun, the pharmacist stopped the threat even though he was outnumbered and faced large and powerful adversaries. Guns in the hands of honest citizens saved lives and kept dangerous drugs off Maryland streets.

Armed defense saves lives thousands of times a day. Let more honest citizens legally own and carry a firearm. We will all be safer.

Image: CCO Creative Commons;