Hey CNN: China Smashes Hundreds of Churches, Seizes Bibles — Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2018

China is trampling the religious freedoms of countless citizens… but Trump is the Left’s favorite example of a ‘despotic tyrant’. Does that seem right to you?

China has been ramping up religious persecution.

A dozen Chinese Protestants interviewed by the Associated Press described gatherings that were raided, interrogations and surveillance, and one pastor said hundreds of his congregants were questioned individually about their faith. Like Guo, the majority requested that their names be partly or fully withheld because they feared punishment from authorities.

‘Chinese leaders have always been suspicious of the political challenge or threat that Christianity poses to the Communist regime,’ said Xi Lian, a scholar of Christianity in China at Duke University. ‘Under Xi, this fear of Western infiltration has intensified and gained a prominence that we haven’t seen for a long time.’
Last November, Christian residents of a rural township in south-east Jiangxi province were persuaded to replace posters of the cross and Jesus Christ inside their homes with portraits of Xi, a local official said.

Through our thought reform, they’ve voluntarily done it,’ Qi Yan, a member of the township party committee, told the AP by phone. ‘The move is aimed at Christian families in poverty, and we educated them to believe in science and not in superstition, making them believe in the party.’
Source: DailyMail

Maybe Acosta could take a break from his performance journalism and give some attention to REAL threats to personal freedoms. To hear him talk, Trump’s doing the same thing.

Here’s what he’s been missing, while he was so busy fishing for an apology.

Beginning in April 2017, Uyghurs accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas have been jailed or detained in re-education camps throughout the XUAR, where members of the ethnic group have long complained of pervasive discrimination, religious repression, and cultural suppression under Chinese rule.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and Senator Marco Rubio spoke at separate events in Washington decrying China’s re-education camps in the XUAR and calling on the country to end its religious persecution of the Uyghurs, in a rare example of U.S. officials at such senior levels concertedly drawing attention to the issue.
“Together with other religious minorities, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians are often under attack,” he said at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, which the State Department described as a gathering of foreign ministers, heads of religious and civil society organizations and survivors of religious discrimination “to combat religious persecution.”

“Sadly, as we speak, as well, Beijing is holding hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of Uyghur Muslims in so-called re-education camps, where they’re forced to undergo round-the-clock political indoctrination to denounce their religious beliefs and their cultural identity as the goal,” Pence said.

Later, participants in the Ministerial issued a statement saying they were “particularly troubled by reports of the Chinese government’s deepening crackdown on [Uyghurs] and members of other Muslim minority groups in China,” including “undue restrictions on freedom of religion” and detentions in re-education camps.
Source: RadioFreeAsia

Reeducation camps? Sounds serious.

What else?

Now, China’s crackdown on religious belief is at levels that haven’t been seen since BEFORE the ‘tank guy’ was made famous at Tiananmen Square.

Here’s a sampling:

China demolishes hundreds of churches and confiscates Bibles during a crackdown on Christianity
Locals in Henan stated concerns of a move by the atheist ruling Community Party to control Christianity
Residents were asked to replace posters of the cross and Jesus Christ with portraits of President Xi Jinping
Experts say the government is waging the most severe systematic suppression of the religion since 1982
Chinese leaders have ‘always been suspicious of the political threat’ that Christianity poses to the regime
Source: DailyMail

Some people have certainly noticed. As mentioned, Pence and some other prominent Republicans have even spoken up about it at public events.

Republicans are standing up in defense of Muslims mistreated in China. But the ‘journalists’ here have nothing to say about it. And the Democrats? Well, they’ve a little busy looking for reasons that the religious beliefs of Trump nominees should disqualify them from public office.

Wow, well there’s a weird coincidence…

So, we checked, and CNN’s website catalogs a lot of news stories about China. But hardly any are about this.

If we could convince ‘Stormy’ to visit one of those demolished churches, do you think CNN would notice it then?

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