Intruder Messes With The WRONG 79yr. Old Bro – Gets Taken To Paintown

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2018

When the guy with a gun gives you a warning, take that warning seriously.

Hearing a noise in his barn, a 79-year-old homeowner in Michigan grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

In that barn, he found an intruder.

He was entirely reasonable and gave his intruder fair warning to leave.

Our story’s genius thought his best plan of action would be to move toward the homeowner in a threatening manner.

How did he THINK the armed man would react when threatened on his own property?

The intruder — 37 — wound up with lead (birdshot, if you’re wondering) in both his legs from a single shot of his shotgun.

That’s a helluva way to get someone’s attention.

He even stuck around and waited for cops and medical help to arrive on the scene.

Numbnuts did not have any life-threatening injuries, and the homeowner, while it was originally reported he would not be facing charges, there will be an investigation. Into the events.

Swanson added that “once a homeowner goes out and fires a firearm … unfortunately there is now an investigation [on] whether or not it was justified, and it could have been avoided.”

Swanson added to UpNorthLive that Michigan has a Castle Doctrine, but that “confusion comes in” because when “someone is in your home, you can’t just shoot them because they’re in your home … we can’t assume just because someone is in our home they’re going to hurt us.”

She also told the outlet that a “perfect example” is when summer renters “go to the bars and drink and then forget which home they rented and walk to the wrong home. That person is not there to hurt anybody. It’s annoying, it’s an inconvenience, and it might’ve been … scary, but you don’t wanna shoot that person and kill them, they don’t deserve to lose their life over that.”

Source: The Blaze

Should he face any charges?

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