No One Likes To Be Invalidated, Especially If You’ve Been Elected President

Written by Bill Martinez on August 13, 2018

By Bill Martinez
ClashDaily Guest Contributor

I can appreciate President Trump’s frustration with the orchestrated resistance to delegitimize and invalidate his presidency. It was like an abortion gone wrong. The left are beside themselves, fully deranged and self-exposed.

This was not supposed to be. All their experts assured them, (by as much as 90%) that Hillary was destined to become the first female president of the United States. So now what? Could there be some abortafacient pill for the liberals to take and rid themselves of this terrible mistake thrust upon their liberal world by those Bible thumping, gun toting deplorables?

The concerted plan as they announced on election night was to resist at all cost. And observe who all joined in, pied pipered by the Fake News Media, celebrities, liberals, socialists, Antifa, etc.

It was as if the shroud on the Deep State was pulled back and was now on full display regardless of any consequence. Patriotism, standing for the flag, respecting the rule of law, supporting illegal immigration, standing for clear constitutional principles, all that and more set aside because they owe their allegiance to their self-described higher calling.

In spite of a growing economy, lower unemployment numbers, fewer Americans relying on the government for a welfare check and food stamps, an increased standing internationally that further secures our country…no that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they don’t like Donald Trump. In fact, it’s even more visceral than that. They hate Donald Trump, his ilk and all that he represents, and you better feel and act the same way, or you’re off the team.

They don’t subscribe to “E Pluribus Unum,” from many come one. They’re not interested in the United States of America or it’s values that many before us fought and died for. For them, it’s meaningless because, in their mind and heart, they have a better idea. Our US Constitution is meaningless. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, the ideas they spout have been tried and proven wrong and lethal throughout history. Is this really what you want for your children and grandchildren? I can assure you that your fathers and grandparents before you didn’t put it all on the line, some paying the ultimate price, to only see their country adopt the very thing they escaped from their native countries.

Sadly, it is true, what we don’t learn from history, we will learn the hard way. I guess sometimes, we have to jump off the roof, to realize that gravity does exist.