Snowflake Alert: Professor Upset That Female Students Don’t Feel Oppressed

Written by Wes Walker on August 13, 2018

It’s hard to whip people into an angry frenzy when they don’t even believe they are victims.

Professor Cristina Mogro-Wilson of UConn is ‘dismayed’ by how few women in her classes feel like they’re being oppressed.

With all the talk of ‘patriarchy’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘microagressions’ that the narrative has been carefully feeding young women, how could they possibly fail to feel like victims?

It’s almost like the propaganda isn’t working.

In fact, her survey told her precisely that victimhood is precisely NOT a big factor in their lives.

Cristina Mogro-Wilson, who teaches social work at UConn, surveyed 118 students pursuing a Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree and found that the overwhelming majority of respondents—94 percent of whom were women—do not believe that “discrimination and subordination” are “salient issues in women’s lives.”
Source: Campus Reform

This isn’t wet-behind-the-ears freshmen she’s asking. This is a poll of students taking their Masters. In SOCIAL WORK, no less.

That’s going to present a problem for a prof who makes her daily bread selling the ‘patriarchy’ schlock.

They accept some of the OTHER assumptions of the radfem-intersectional anti-gospel, just not the ‘oppressed women’ part.

And we’re not kidding about the ‘whip people into an angry frenzy’ part. If you were wondering about an agenda in the Universities to force a political agenda down the throats of the nation, she basically admits exactly that.

The findings are problematic, Mogro-Wilson contends, because without a sense of their own oppression, students may be disinclined to “embrace the notion of change through unification,” such as in the form of protesting.

Worrying about the potential of a “post-feminist standpoint among younger women…who no longer see discrimination against women as being a salient issue,” Mogro-Wilson calls for incorporating more intersectionality into the social work curriculum.

“Intersectionality provides a useful framework to examine gender-based oppression,” she says, adding that discrimination “cannot be fully understood without also considering other coexisting social identities, like race, culture, sexuality, and class.”
Source: Campus Reform

Who’s going to show up at the angry women’s marches in those silly knit hats or the genital costumes?

If they’re not angry enough, the movement is screwed!

And the solution, you’ll notice, is MORE activist propaganda, featuring NEW and more compelling victim groups.




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