Nutty Professor: Prof Talks Economics With Cash Stuck To Her Naughty Bits…Because Feminism

Written by K. Walker on August 16, 2018

This professor teaches at one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the world. Welcome to 2018.

Dr. Victoria Bateman is an economics Fellow at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

She’s also totes kewl with stripping down to make her point.

A few years ago, she posed for a portrait that was an ‘almost lifesize nude’ which was then on display at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. Some of her colleagues were not impressed.

[Editor’s note: Please, Readers, don’t play into her hand by mocking her looks. That just adds to her argument that women are oppressed because she’s showing her body and people are being mean to her because of it.]

Professor Bateman has stripped down once again to give a lecture titled, ‘Feminism Meets Economics’.

I’m a great believer in the power of art, which explains why I chose to dress like this for the talk today. Art has a power that allows us to go beyond what the written or spoken word alone can offer. And so, in making my argument that economists need to take feminism much more seriously, I added artistic weight to the argument by choosing an outfit that aimed to combine the symbolism of modern day feminism with a nod here to that famous feminist message, ‘my body, my choice’, and the symbolism of economics. We have here the bank note, including the British £20 banknote that bears the face of Adam Smith, often seen as the ‘Father of Economics.’

What do Feminism and Economics have in common? The answer is not nearly enough.

Unless economists take feminism seriously, women’s rights and freedoms will continue to be under threat. 

Economics needs to become intimately familiar with modern-day feminism if we are to make progress.

Prof. Bateman then says that economics must become intimately familiar with modern day feminism more in order to make progress on equality. She says that ‘women’s rights and freedoms’ like sex trade work and access to birth control need to be considered by economists in order for those rights and freedoms to be taken away.


Dr. Victoria Bateman, Cambridge University

Just your average, everyday professor at Cambridge

Posted by The Current Year on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is it ‘higher learning’, or is she just high?

And yet, people wonder why there is a backlash against feminism by many conservative women.

As a conservative woman, I can say that many of us just don’t want to be associated with that kind of activism.

Earlier I said that we shouldn’t mock her body, and that’s true.

But I will mock her ideas.

The idea that sex trade work is legitimate is preposterous. It’s demeaning, dehumanizing, and only perpetuates the further sexualization of women. In a #MeToo era, you’d think that perhaps not overtly sexualizing everything would be a good idea.

But, alas, that’s not the way feminists think.

Feminists believe that women should be free to strip down and not be sexualized whenever they want to, but then be seen as desirable sexual objects when they’re ready to be viewed that way.

So, men should just do what exactly?

Fill out a form in triplicate asking permission to view women as desirable?

And then there’s the access to birth control issue…

She’s a Brit, so she’s probably talking about government-funded birth control, and it’s partner, abortion on demand. I’m sure Prof. Bateman would agree with Chelsea Clinton that abortion can drive the economy by allowing women to work.

The fact that over 60 million babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade is just ignored.

Of course, feminists never discuss the millions of unborn female children that have been slaughtered. Nor do they acknowledge the gender-selective abortion that is a practiced pretty regularly in many places in the world.

That is a feminist issue.

It’s also an economic issue if the country is focusing on women in the workplace so much that they create a fertility crisis like what’s happening in Japan.  If people don’t have babies, the population declines, and the country cannot sustain itself.

But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of ideologically-driven activism.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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