Omarosa’s Play To Profit From Trump Leaks Is About To Backfire … Spectacularly

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2018

Hasn’t she heard about ‘biting the hand that feeds you’? The same man whose name she rode to minor celebrity status might now utterly ruin her. And she’s got only herself to blame.

Does that little ‘get rich quick’ scheme look like such a bright idea now?

Forget all the back and forth tweets, the Media hype, the big-money book advance that she cashed before the public could realize how full of crap she is.

We already know that her book is full of, at best, ‘questionable sources’.

She’s contradicted herself several times on whether she did or did not actually hear alleged tape with Trump saying something the-word-that-must-not-be-named.

And those she’s ‘cited’ have called her on it.

That raises an important question.

What ELSE has she lied about?

So, we’ve established she’s pretty shady, and not to be trusted.

She herself has released her firing interview in which the White House Chief Of Staff said that if someone in the military had behaved the way she had he’d be up for court-martial.

And she’s trying to play at being some hybrid of the ‘victim’ and the ‘heroic whistleblower’?

It’s landed her in hot water.

She’s being sued for violation of a non-disclosure agreement.

While Manigault Newman has claimed that she did not sign a nondisclosure as part of her White House work or in exchange for a 2020 campaign job that did not materialize, her signing of the agreement during her 2016 campaign work remains in force because it is with the same campaign organization and never went out of force, said the campaign.

“The campaign is holding her accountable for the 2016 nondisclosure,” said a Trump ally.

An official said on background that Manigault Newman has made “egregious” violations of the agreement and as a result they are seeking millions of dollars in retaliation. As the case unfolds, they might also seek any “ill-gotten profits” she has received from the book, including her fee for writing it.

In an arbitration, which both sides agreed to in the nondisclosure agreement, each agree to an arbitrator, often a retired judge, who will hold a hearing and consider evidence. In the end the arbitrator will dismiss the case or issue a penalty. It has the full force of law. Typically the arbitration process moves faster than in a court.
Source: Washington Examiner

Just what kind of a person IS she?

The recording she made of her firing was in DC — which is a One-party consent region. So that part of the law doesn’t kick in.

But she made the recording INSIDE a SCIF — A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility — in the White House Situation room.

People are not even permitted to bring their electronics into that room for security reasons. But she not only ignored that, she actually RECORDED that (and other) conversations in the White House for her own personal gain.

Ned Price, who was a National Security Council spokesman for the Obama administration, told the Washington Post that the Situation Room “is the inner sanctum within an already-secure facility where the most sensitive of the most sensitive information is discussed.” He added, “It’s where negotiations with Iran were hashed out. It’s where contingency plans for nuclear launches have been developed. The fact that she was recording a conversation in there really raises alarm bells in the minds of people who have worked in that room.”

But while cell phones and recording devices are barred from the room, Price said that in his experience there was no screening process. “It’s a system based on honor and integrity, and there’s a sign outside that says, ‘Place your phones here,’ ” he said.
Source:NY Mag, Daily Intelligencer

A system ‘based on honor and integrity’, and that somehow didn’t stop Omarosa?

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