Yo, Mueller: Journalists Think Trump Tower Meeting Was A ‘Set-Up’ … Will You Investigate?

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2018

What if there really WAS ‘Russian Collusion’… on the Democrat side.

Would the media suddenly stop caring about Russian Interference?

It’s looking increasingly like the whole ‘Trump Tower’ scenario was a setup from the start.

With a regularity that beggars belief, we are seeing connections between either Clinton/Fusion GPS and the ‘Nefarious’ Russians that Trump supposedly colluded with OR connections between the FBI and the ‘Nefarious’ Russians that Trump supposedly colluded with.

What are the odds that that could all be ‘mere coincidence’?

And one of those connections in particular is HUGE.

Remember the Russian lawyer in that Trump Tower meeting? She just ‘happened’ to represent Glenn Simpson.

Who is Genn Simpson, you ask? He was the person responsible for producing the Clinton-Funded Dossier.

Yes, THAT Dossier.

Sarah Carter has been on this story like a dog on a bone. Here she is breaking it down in further detail.

So, shall we expect Mueller to be ‘exposing this story’? That would be the ‘white hat’ view of Mueller. The one that actually believes he’s impartial and interested in the truth.

Others of us are more cynical about the situation. Is the Dan Bongino theory of the Mueller Investigation accurate?

That theory goes like this: Mueller exists as a perpetual head-fake to keep us looking at Trump so we don’t notice the Clinton Campaign’s weaponization of government?

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