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Professor Warns, We’re On the Verge of ‘Completely Losing Our Culture’ – Here’s 6 Reasons Why He’s Right

With ‘so much winning’ going on lately, it’s easy to forget what we’re up against. Where do we REALLY stand in that battle for ‘hearts and minds’ right here at home?

One professor is warning that while the rest of us are busy living our lives, our culture is quietly slipping away.

And it’s being eroded from within.

Here is the short form of exactly what threats we’re facing in his social media post:

Watch Professor Rectenwald on Tucker Carlson’s show in January 2018:

He covered some key areas. And he’s got a point.

Corporate Mass Media. — Hollywood and the News Media aren’t telling OUR stories or reporting the news anymore. They’re pushing the narratives that will achieve their desired ends. And many members of the ‘free press’ have a shockingly lockstep reporting of the ‘news of the day’ … down to the shared use of ‘buzz words’.

Social Media. — They’re suppressing voices they disagree with, and tilting the playing field in favor of their political friends. Even politicians running in for election are not having equal access to social media. This has now been raised with the FEC.

Academy. — Expensive, and useless degrees are preparing students to parrot ideology rather than to be prepared for life. Prime example? Democrat up-and-comer She Guevera (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) has a degree in Economics and International Relations but said she wasn’t an ‘expert’ on international relations, after being asked to explain her statement on Israel ‘occupying’ Palestine. Her other statements about the economy — including her ‘free education’ policy — give a window into what, exactly, she has learned about economics.

Corporate America — We live in a world where a CEO has been fired to appease the mob, (Firefox) after it became known that he privately supported the ‘wrong’ political cause.

Shadow Government — Obama and Kerry have been visiting some foreign governments, trying to undermine the mandated agenda of those that America has actually PUT in positions of authority.

Deep State — Peter Strzok. ’nuff said.

With the sudden rise of anti-American sentiments, like Sanctuary Cities, affection for ‘hate speech’ laws, contempt for lawful gun ownership, public calls to ‘abolish ICE’, and a rise in so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’, people are increasingly unconnected to, or even unaware of our own recent history.

And — as so many of them now proudly proclaim — they’re going to be voting soon, whether they know the first thing about political consequences or not.

Have too many of us forgotten that politics is DOWNSTREAM of culture, and that cultural involvement, not political campaigning is how we move the needle on culture?

Is it time for ‘flyover country’ to get more aggressive in pushing back the Coastal Elites’ vision of culture that’s being shoved down our kids’ throats at every turn?

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