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P*SSIFICATION: USA Today Snowflake Wants Twitter To BAN Trump Because He Was Rude to CNN

Remember — just last week over 100 newspapers coordinated, and all wrote anti-Trump editorial pieces. But now USA Today is calling for a Twitter ban on Trump?

There was a time when the press was content with their role to REPORT the news. Now they want to BE the news.

Let’s have a look at the Free Press using their platform to pressure a private company to DEPLATFORM a public official. Because he said mean things.

Amy Russo, USA Today contributor, (herself a writer for the hard-left activist group ‘Mediaite’) has just used her free speech to argue for someone else to lose theirs. And she doesn’t even notice the irony.

There was a certain amount of loathing and glee that Jones was silenced by more and more outlets. There was something approaching dismay that Twitter ‘merely’ suspended him.

But if we hold bad actors like Jones to those standards, why aren’t we doing so with our president?

When do we ban Trump from Twitter?
President Donald Trump has leveraged the platform’s power to target dissenters, undercut the credibility of journalists, and launch disinformation campaigns from the birther movement to the size of his presidential inauguration crowd.

Last year, Trump sparked outrage with an edited video appearing to show him clobbering an individual meant to represent CNN in a violent outburst. Last month, he delivered an unhinged all caps threat to Iran, cautioning that it would suffer for its war of words. And last week, he called Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a “loser” and former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman a “dog.” For Trump, Twitter is nothing more than his personal boxing ring.
Source: USAToday

In case you’ve forgotten, we’ve covered the video that pissed them all off. It’s the Meme war that sprang up in response to CNN trying to ‘out’ the one guy who mocked CNN by editing video to mock CNN getting their ass handed to them.

Infowars became a marked target because they encouraged listeners to get involved. Here was the winner. We covered it here:

Watch: The Best Of The Great CNN Meme War

In Jones’s rebuttal to the piece, he points out CNN’s harassment campaign against the Right.

In an article entitled Hey, Twitter, Alex Jones and Donald Trump are a package deal. Either they’re both out or they’re both in, Amy Russo says that Twitter should have gone further than merely suspending Alex Jones for 7 days given that Jones was rude to CNN’s Brian Stelter, which she asserts is “targeted harassment”.

Apparently, Russo doesn’t think that CNN’s six month campaign, led by Stelter and his colleague Oliver Darcy, to lobby big tech to ban Jones off the Internet was an example of “targeted harassment”.

Russo then actually proceeds to make the argument that Trump should be banned by Twitter because he was mean to CNN as well as being unfriendly towards Iran’s dictatorial theocracy.
Source: Infowars

Then again, what should we really expect? It was USA that holds Trump in such contempt that they are calling for this genius move …

Donald Trump broke the presidency. It’s time to get rid of the job altogether.

From that piece:

Donald Trump is proof that the U.S. presidency is broken and democracy is in peril. It’s time to amend the Constitution and abolish the presidency.

Is anyone still taking these folks seriously?

Hey,USA Today — there’s a reason we’ve been known to mock you with the ‘Toady’ moniker.

Can you guess why?

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