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Trump Tweets About Cohen’s Guilty Plea And It’s Funny AF

Sometimes the best way to handle your critics is to laugh at them. That’s what the President did here.

We’re all used to Trump’s skills at the effective use of Hyperbole.

Sometimes he hammers the opposition with it, sometimes it lands him in hot water. But it never comes as a surprise.

But with this tweet, he pitched a change-up.

He used understatement to knock the wind out of the sails of his critics. It was largely assumed that the story of the day, where the President’s personal former lawyer, Cohen, would be avoided by Trump at all costs. Anything to change the channel.

He might be a lot of things, but afraid of facing his critics isn’t one of them.

Not a good lawyer? True enough.

And when the dust has settled, he won’t even be a bad lawyer anymore.

Trump made sure to put things in the broader perspective — since the media never bothered to criticize his predecessor and yet were clearly gleeful about possible implications of this case.

For anyone who actually believes the Media(D)’s reporting that Trump is in the deep weeds with yesterday’s news about Manafort and Cohen, here’s Mark Levin discussing the ACTUAL legal case, and why it doesn’t hurt Trump even a little bit.

Keep in mind, Levin was never really a ‘Trump Cheerleader’ — he was a Ted Cruz guy before the Primaries. While he has eventually come to appreciate the President and his policies, his main interest in the matter concerns the dangerous implications to the Constitution, and the office of President itself.

But don’t tell the Militant Left anything about the Constitution. If it doesn’t fit their ‘get Trump’ fantasies, they’re not even listening.

Ladies, tell everyone that you don’t like the emasculated, metro-sexual ‘feminists’ — you’d rather have a President with balls:

And gents, let everyone know that you want your President to be just as much of a man as you are:

Donald J. Trump is our 45th President. Why? Because Americans from all races and classes are sick of whining Republicans and corrupt Democrats. Finally, we have a President who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks even if it is not popular with the press. Trump is not a typical politician. Trump can’t be bought. He will back up what he says with action, no matter the cost. Finally. A president with balls!
Get yours today and trigger the leftists and the RINO NeverTrumpers.

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