Watch: Parents Tell Young Snowflake Via Text That It’s Time To Move Out And It’s Hilarious

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2018

Kids do everything else by text these days, why not add ‘getting kicked from the nest’, too? These parents were having WAY too much fun.

You will NEVER guess the ‘twist’ ending.

These parents aren’t waiting until the adult kid needs a court order to throw him out. They’ve got sense to push him ‘out of the nest’ at a reasonable age.

Judge Evicts Shiftless Snowflake From Parents Home – The Reasons Will Make You Shout, ‘WTF?’

One 21-year-old son was coming back from college, thinking he was going to settle back into his old room like he had when he was a kid. His group chat with mom and dad set him straight right quick.

He had all the usual objections. Where am I going to go? But there are no jobs, etc. But mom and dad handled those like pros.

And then out came ‘the big guns’. The boy is probably ‘scarred for life’ and will never look at his parents the same way again.

YOU GOTTA MOVE OUT | family plan ep. 1

when your parents give you the boot……and you DON'T want to know why

Posted by TXT Stories on Monday, April 16, 2018

By the end of the chat, not only was the kid motivated to grow up and get out, but he wasn’t sure he even wanted to enter that house again.

Was it a real chat? Was it based on one? Was it just a comedy bit?

In the end, does it matter? It’s just as funny either way.

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